The Nanny

I'm Stephanie Miller, But you can call me Steph, and i am Zayn Malik's nanny.


2. Two

Steph’s POV




I took the pizza out if the oven and set it down on the stove. I fanned it with the oven mit. It’s not burnt, I just need to cool it down a bit. I set the oven mit down and took out the pizza cutter. I cut the pizza into 8 pieces and set it down. I sighed, smiling for myself. Another dish made.


I felt hands on my hips and it made jump. “Shit.” I turned around and saw Zayn. Whoa. He smirked down at me. “Oh uhm…the-the pizzas ready.” He’s never been this close to me, touching me like this. I took deep breaths as he moved closer. “Za-” his lips cut me off.

I don’t remember this being in the job description. His soft plump lips pressed against mine, kissing me. And me kissing back. It’s all too much and it’s making me feel some type of way. I squeezed my legs together and squeezed onto the counter edges.


Zayn moved his arms around me and I could help but to just do the same. I never said I didn’t think he was unattractive. Some times i found myself getting turned on, just by him walking in or seeing him unexpectedly. I pressed my foot on top of the other and Zayn picked my up. I wrapped my legs around his body and he moved the pizza back.


He set me down on the counter and moved down to my neck. “Zayn.” I said. I tried not to make it sound like a moan but failed miserably. I gripped his shoulder. I was going to push him away because this is wrong but I didn’t. I don’t want to. I felt him unzip my dress and he took me off the counter.


He pushed the dress off my shoulders and yanked the bottom down. It slid down to the floor so that I was left in my bra and underwear. His eyes trailed down my body for a few seconds before he started planting soft kisses on my skin. He pulled me back and I went with him.


"Zayn." I said again, but no answer. He just gripped my bum and picked me up against his body. He carried me up the stairs and as he did he unclipped my bra. He stopped in the middle of the journey up and took it off. He kissed my boob and flicked his tongue over my nipple.


Shit. Fuck. I grabbed onto him and pulled him up the stairs. He looked pleased at me actions as he put his hands on my body. It’s like he couldn’t keep them off of me. I turned around and held his hands against me. Just as I was ant to open his bedroom door he pressed me against it and I let out a grunt as he pressed his erection to my ass.



I turned around and peeled his shirt off. He just took a shower too, can you imagine how great he smells. I ran my hands down his chest and kissed around his collar bone. He slammed me against the door and kissed me again. I love his aggressiveness. He moved his hand between my legs and started rubbing.


I bit my lip as he opened the door. He held me up and led me back. I moved my hip against his fingers as he pushed me down onto the bed. He left end my legs and spread them apart. He got down onto his knees and didn’t waste anytime getting me out of my black lace panties.


He kissed my inner thigh and I moaned, rubbing his hands up my body. He kissed my clit slowly and at the very moment I just shattered. He moved his tongue up my entrance and into me and I could hardly even breath. I gripped the sheets with one hand while my other went through his hair and pushed his head down further.


I lifted my head and saw him looking me straight into the eyes, just killing me. I let out a scream and lifted my hips up to meet his mouth. “Yes!” I screamed. He moved two fingers inside of me and licked his lips. He just looked right at me as I basically had a heart attack.


I love feeling his eyes on me too. I tried squeezing my legs together like I always do when I’m deep in pleasure but Zayn stood up and moved them apart. He leaned down, pulling my nipple into his mouth as he moved his fingers inside of me. Just as I could feel myself cumming he removed his fingers and I groaned.


He sucked his fingers into his mouth and licked them clean. Oh my fucking gosh why does he feel the fucking need to do this to me? I sat up and he stood up. I grabbed his sweatpants and pulled them down with his boxers, revealing his erect cock. I didn’t think he was small but I never imagined him being this big.


I looked up at him and grabbed him in my hands. He moaned, biting his lip. I ran my index finger down it slowly and felt him twitch already. I didn’t the same with my tongue and he groaned, throwing his head back. I flicked my tongue around his tip, licking the precum off. He tastes so good already.


I sucked him into my mouth slowly and he groaned again. I went down more and more until I could feel him in the back of my throat. “Didn’t know you could deep throat.” He was now the one struggling to breath. There’s a lot he doesn’t know about me. I started moving my head back and then forward.


I started with small strokes then big slow ones and he grabbed a handful of my hair. I just made sure that each and every time I had him fully in my mouth. I love pleasuring guys and hearing them call out my name just as much as guys do for girls. I grinded myself against the bed, for this was turning me on to an extent.


I felt him twitching and I moved my head back down to his tip. He looked down and I could just see the anger in his eyes, questioning why I was stopping. But he did the same exact thing to me. I can’t help but to return the favor. I stopped and gave his tip one last lick. He pushed me down on my back and I back up on the bed as he came above me.


He pressed his lips against mine, this time being aggressive. Again, I love it. I love being dominated in bed. He teased me by rubbing him up and down my clit. He stared right at me as he did it just to see me suffer. He looked down as he moved himself at my entrance.


He looked back up and slowly moved himself in. His eyes scanned my face as he did. I bit my lip and made sure to keep my eyes open and look right back at him. I gripped his forearm tightly as he started small slow strokes. Oh I see what he’s doing here. “Fuck.” I screamed. “Just fuck me!” I said.


He smirked as he pulled out more and slammed into me hard. “Yes! Please keep doing that.” He continued doing that and started going faster. I moved my hand down to rub my clit. Zayn’s eyes shot down and he just slapped it away. “That’s mine.” He growled but I’m in desperate need of my clit being rubbed.


He lifted my leg and started directing his thrust more. Each one going deep inside of me. I pushed my hair back, grinding my teeth together. This feels so fucking good. He put my leg over his shoulder and moved the one over. He grabbed my hips and started slamming into me faster.



I screamed and moaned and pushed my head back into the bed. “Shit shit shit!” I screamed. My legs fell to rest on his arms and I moved my hips up. I feel like just ripping my heart out right now and giving it to him because if I got fucked like this all the time I wouldn’t be able not to fall in love with the guy.


He stopped and flipped over. Oh yes, let me rock the shit out of you Mr. Malik. I sat up and rested my hand on his stomach. I grabbed the headboard and started rocking my hips onto his. He closed his eyes and his finger nails dug into my skin. No no, this isn’t real. I’m dreaming I’m riding the sexiest man on the planet. I’m just dreaming.


I’m dreaming this fucking orgasm. Yes of course I’d be. I’m so dumb. And this is so good. “Cum for me baby.” He started running my clit finally and I screamed his name out. He moved his hips up slowly as I started doing circle eights. He got up and pushed me off. Hey!


He turned me over and pulled my ass into the air. He slammed back into me and pushed my head against the headboard. He then pushed my head down into the sheets. I gripped the sheets tightly as he started fucking me again. Never in my life have I ever had such great fucking sex like this.


Gonna have me reaching for the stars soon. He slammed my ass and I tried lifting my head. He pushed it back down and reached under me for my boobs. I struggled to stay up and Zayn had to keep pulling my hips up. He slowed down after a few more minutes and I lifted my head.



I pushed my hair back as my face pressed against the headboard. I could do this every night. “I’m about to-” he cut me off before I could finish.


"Hold it." He said, even though he was just telling me to cum for him. He pulled out again and flipped me over. He moved my legs apart and moved back inside of me. He started grinding into me slowly, and I could tell he was really interested in every single thrust. He pressed his lips to mine.


I loved the feeling of his body against mine. I felt the tears falling from my eyes. The pleasure, the pure ecstasy it’s just too much to handle all of it at once. “Cum for me.” He whispered in my ear. I held my arms tightly around him and bit into his shoulder. I don’t usually feel my orgasm but I could feel it this time.


Every second, every mini second, everything crease and vein. I could just feel it all. I felt him cum inside of me but I didn’t let him go. He fell down against me and moved onto his side. He moved his head back and pecked my lips like one hundred times. I smiled, kissing him back.


"That was…" He paused for second. "Love making." People only call it love making when they really mean it you know. There’s a difference between fucking somebody and making love to then and when he said that my heart kind of burst.


"We shouldn’t have." I said, becoming sad in less than 1.5 seconds. I’m really nice and obviously really sexual but that’s only when someone gets over my wall. I shouldn’t have let him over.


"I know, but I wanted to." He said. "Because I’ve just realized how much I love you Steph," I heard Adelaide crying down the hall and I pushed him back. I pushed my hair back and got off the bed quickly. Ouch. Fucking dick. I grabbed his shirt since I had nothing else to put on at the second. I put it over my head and walked out, Zayn slipped on a pair of boxers and followed me out.

I went to Adelaide’s room and saw her door open. I remember us closing it when we left. I went in and my stomach nearly dropped out of my ass when I saw Perrie standing there, trying to calm her down. She looked up at me with the same blue eyes she gave me two years ago, only this time I could feel the real anger she had. If looks could kill, then I’d be dead.

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