The Nanny

I'm Stephanie Miller, But you can call me Steph, and i am Zayn Malik's nanny.


3. Three


Perrie looked at me up and down with a smirk on her face. "I didnt know i was paying you to fuck my fiance"  



Silent, I didn't know what to say. God, what do you say in a situation like that. Soon Zayn was standing standing in front of me fighting with Perrie. I couldnt speak. I wasnt aware of anything that was going on in the room until I i felt her hands on me, "Mummy" He little voice spoke standing there pulling on the shirt that was hanging from my theighs. 



"Mummy! Mummy! You let Annabell call that slut mum!" 



"Maybe if you would come around to see your child more she would call you mum!"



I reached down to pick up Anna and Perrie came charging at me. I felt her fist come in contact with my face and the last thing i heard befor blacking out was Annas sweet crys and Perrie voice telling me to stay away from her family.





I sat up and realized i was in Zayn's room, still wearing the black t-shirt i had on from earlier. I looked at the clock that read 3:00 A.M. Suddenly eveything came back to me, the sex, Perrie. i looked over and noticed Zayn wasn't in bed. I got up and walked down the stairs and found Zayn standing in the kitchen leaned over the counter crying. 



"Zayn."  He looked over to me and wiped his eyes, trying to hide that he was crying. 



"Step, I- I'm so sorry she hit you. That was never supposed to happen. And when you had my child in your arms... How dare she," He balled his fist by his sides. 



"Don't. I deserved what i got." 



"NO! Dont for one second you blame your self! You did nothing wrong, she did. Every day that she wasn't there and you were, She didnt love me, she says she does but she proved me wrong tonight when she punched the woman i love. She never took care of Annabell, She can blame us fighting all she wants to but she wasnt here because she didnt want to be here."



"Zayn you cant love me. If you love Perrie or not is another story but you cant love me. You have a child. I-I cant be the one to break your family." 



"I told her to leave Step, i told her to get out of my house, and out of my life. She took her stuff from the bedroom and took one last look at you lying on the bed and wished me luck. She didnt even say goodbye to Anna, she just left. Why cant you see your the one i want. Annabell thinks your her mother Steph. Anna loves you and i love you! Just, Love me back... Please love me back." 


Seeing Zayn cry is hard. I would be lying if i said i hadnt developed some feelings for Zayn over the years, and what happend a few hours ago topped it all of. 


I walked over to where Zayn was standing and brought my hand up to rest on his cheek. "Zayn, do you really love me." Now tears were falling from my eyes in fear that i was just some backup chick. 



"Do i have to make love to you again to prove to you that i really love you." 






"Stephanie, I love you with all of my being, i promise I'm not lying to you. I love you, I do." 



"Kiss me" 


And so he did, he kissed me and i put all the love and passion i could into this kiss, and so did he. I was happy in this crazy little world where Zayn was mine and I was Annabells mother. Wait, when Perrie punched me, i was holding Annabell. She fell with me. Oh dear god!


"Wheres Anna?!" I pulled away from Zayn and sprinted off too Annabells room. I could here Zayn calling after me but i was to worried about Anna. When i reached her room i walked over to her crib and she was laying there peacefully. 



"Steph, are you alright?" Zayns voice came from behind me. 



"When i fell, i was holding her. I just had to make sure she was okay."  Zayn came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. 


"She's fine, But it is late and you need to rest. Come on." 


Zayn pulled me out of Anna's room and into his. Laying me in bed before shutting out the light and laying next to me, pulling me into his arms. 


"This isnt right Zayn, We have so much to talk about."


"Go to sleep."


''We cant hide from our problems forever Zayn."



"I love you Stephine, There problems solved. Now, tell me you love me too and we'll take care of the rest tomorrow.


"I love you too Zayn" And i really do.



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