The Nanny

I'm Stephanie Miller, But you can call me Steph, and i am Zayn Malik's nanny.


1. One

I finished with the clothes and put them all away neatly into the cupboards, as asked. I checked on Adelaide and saw she was in her play box playing with her toys and giggling off to Sponge Bob. I went into the kitchen and started cleaning the kitchen. I cooked breakfast for everyone this morning. Zayn and his girlfriend both have busy schedules so I always think to make the breakfast and dinner.


I’ve been working for them ever since Adelaide was born. Now she’s 2 years old. I’ve lived with Zayn and his girlfriend, Perrie, the entire time. I do get breaks to see my family and stuff but other than that I just stay here and watching the little darling.


Zayn, being in One Direction, and Perrie, being in Little Mix, both have the busiest schedules. Some nights they don’t even make it home or their out for weeks or months and I just stay in their house, watching their child. I don’t think I could ever trust someone that much. Maybe my mum but I could never leave my small child for weeks and months. I’d be miserable.


Just like Zayn and Perrie seem to be now a days. And it’s not because their away from their child I’m guessing. Rumors of Zayn cheating have been out for a long time. their always fighting and yelling and I just sit in Adelaide’s room cuddling her up so she doesn’t cry. Or sometimes I take her to my room so I won’t step on toys and stuff. I have another play box in my room for her to be in. It’s become a regular thing now.


They come home and eat a quiet awkward dinner then they go straight to sleep. We’ll, Zayn does and Perrie just says she’s going out for the night to one of her band mates house. She’s never decided on taking her child with her either, not that she needs to. Just to think. I don’t know I guess were just different people.


Perrie doesn’t have an ounce of a relationship with Adelaide. When she does come in to acknowledge her it’s no more than a five minute rock around. I didn’t even tell them that her first words were to me and saying ‘mummy’. I don’t think they’d fancy that much.


Zayn has a big relationship with her though. The first thing he does when he comes home is engulfs her up and puts her to sleep himself. He watches tv with her and read her stories, giving me breaks and early nights.


I like Perrie but I just adore Zayn. He really is trying to do everything at once while Perrie just seems to be giving up and wanting to be with her band more than her family. She believes all the cheating rumors every time they come out. I don't believe Zayn is cheating though. But I honestly don’t and can’t even have an opinion on their relationship. It’s theirs.


I made up the bed and straightened out everything. Picking up clothes and various make up products all over the place.


The sad thing about all of this is that their engaged. They’ve been engaged for 2 years now. When they first got engaged they were so in love and stuff. Now it’s just like they’re two completely different people.


I went downstairs and saw Adelaide laying on her back. She fell asleep. I picked her up in my arms and took her up to her crib. I don’t want her growing up with a bad back or something. I gazed down at her, rubbing her soft black hair back. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that she isn’t my child. I’ve grown so close to her that I treat her like my own and just completely forget she actually has a mother.


“She’s beautiful isn’t she.” I looked up and saw Zayn at the doorway.


"Yeah she is." I said.


She resembles him a lot. No, she doesn’t look like a man. She’s a cutie. She just has his features. Like his sister, she looks a lot like his sister Waliyah.


He came up beside her. "I thought you were gonna be out all day." I said.


"I thought I would be too, but I’m not." He said sarcastically. I smiled, shaking my head as I started picking toys up and putting them back into her case.


"How long have you been working for us?" He asked.


"Almost 3 years…I started working for you when she was 10 weeks." I said. He nodded his head.


Just a few months until three years. I’ll always remember the day I started working for them. I remember it like it was yesterday. I came in and they auditioned me while I held Adelaide.

I was so nervous because Perrie was giving me the evil eye just to make sure I was the one.


Zayn was just starring at me the entire time. It was kind of hard to tell what he was thinking though. But obviously they liked something about me.


“You’ve been around her longer than her actually parents have.” He said.


I looked up at him as saw the shame in his eyes.


“It’s nothing, just my job.” I said.


"Mum." I heard her small little voice. Zayn looked down and she started to cry. He picked her up and rocked her in his arms but she didn’t stop. His phone started ringing and he took it out,

"I’ll take her." I said, holding my hands out. He handed her to me and answered the phone. She instantly stopped crying and I kissed her forehead. "Ssshhh." I said, stroking her sensitive little head. She grabbed my finger with her small little hands. I guess the nap is over with.


Zayn’s POV


I watch Adelaide basically swoon over Steph. I never even noticed the effect she had on my own daughter. Then it made me realize. She wasn’t calling for Perrie when she said mum, she walking calling for Steph. I leaned against the door frame as Liam spoke into my ear but I kept my eyes firmly on Steph.


From the first glance at her I liked her. I remember when she first held Adelaide. It was just after the previous women had her crying. Adelaide stopped crying as soon as I handed her to Stephanie. Perrie and I were both shocked and in kind of just checked her off after that. Her gentle small hands and her gentle touch just made me kind of admire her.


I could just see how nice and sweet she was and knew she’d be perfect for my baby. When we first had her we both already knew whoever the nanny was gonna be would be 70 percent of who our child grows up to be. And that’s why we chose Steph. The first thing we said when she left was “she’s amazing.” And that was it for the auditions.


“Zayn!” Liam shouted in my ear.


"What?" I said, snapping out of my trance.


"Did you here me. I’m telling you the plans after the break!" He said.


"Yeah yeah I heard you." I said. "I’m putting it in my calendar right now." I lied. That literally all I have to tell him and it gives him the impression I’m responsible. Then when it comes for the stuff to happens I’m clueless.


We ended our conversation and I put my phone back into my pocket. She turned around, flashing that beautiful white smile at me.


“She stopped crying.” She said.


"I see." I said.


She went over to her play box and set her down. I couldn’t help but look at her ass when she bent down. She stayed down, playing with Adelaide for a few second and I could feeling a boner coming on.


"I love you." She said. Adelaide’s small hands covered her cheeks and she giggled up at her. This girl has grown to be Adelaide’s mother. I’m not about to tell Perrie that because I doubt that’ll be anything she’ll like but I think anyone could see it. She stood up and gave Adelaide a little wave as she started playing with her toys.


“I’m gonna go down and make her a bottle, do you mind watching her or should I-“


"Oh no go ahead. I’ll watch her." I said and she nodded her head as she walked out. I sat down in the chair, gazing at my daughter playing with her toys. But all that was on my mind was Steph. Everything about her was perfect. Not just her job description but her just in general. The way her brown hair fell down her back and her hazel eyes. The way she laughed and smiled all the time.


I couldn’t help but to just lighten up around her. I never even realized it myself. All those times Perrie would just make me so angry I’d just come up and see her sitting with Adelaide, making cute little faces and playing with her. I’d just sitting down with her like she was the mother of my child, my girlfriend, my fiancé and not Perrie.


I’ve just been canceling the reality out and making it my own with another person.

I feel kind of bad but I don’t at the same time because obviously Perrie doesn’t care. If she did she’d have a stronger bond with Adelaide. And she wouldn’t be calling our nanny mum instead of her. She got up on her hands and knees and crawled the wall closest to me.


She put her hands up and I gave her a smile. She giggled and tried coming closer. I went over and took her out. I sat down and started playing with her. She’s so cute, I can’t help but be proud of her and myself just because she’s so cute. Everyone says she looks just like me.

I guess you could say that. The only thing she has of Perrie’s is her facial structure.


She grabbed onto my hand with her small chubby fingers and pulled them into her mouth. “Ok.” I said, “go ahead, but it’s gonna cost ya.” I joked. I heard Steph come in and her laugh. I smiled without even having to look at her.


She bent down beside me and handed me the bottle. We played with Adelaide until she fell asleep and I put her in her crib. “Are you hungry?” Steph asked. I looked at my watch. 5 pm. Hm.


"Yeah." I said. I haven’t eaten since morning, the great breakfast she cooked for me since Perrie has been at Jesy’s house for the last 2 weeks after our last argument. I wonder if Jesy’s getting tired of her. They’re on break and I’m sure Jesy would love nothing more than to be alone with her boyfriend for sometime. But Jesy’s nice so I can’t see Jesy kicking her out and Perrie will take advantage of that for as long as she can.


We went downstairs and Steph said she’d make some pizza. She makes good pizza. I sat down on the other side of the counter and we just talked.


She asked me how I’ve been and about work. Like she was truly interested unlike some people I know. [insert cough] [Perrie] I watched as she squeezed and pressed the dough and I couldn’t help but imagine her hands working on me. I rubbed my chin and just stared at her hands. It became quiet as she concentrated.


"I’m gonna go get cleaned up." I told her.


"Ok." She said.


(Okay so the first two chapters i can not take credit for. They were originally a one shot from tumblr. Anything in this story after chapter two is mine. Just wanted to make that clear. Im not sure which tumblr account originally wrote it. Zayn is 23, Steph is 21 and Perrie is 22)

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