This is about me and my life. I don't really write anymore and this is not a story, but there's still times where I feel like writing down a few sentences, and I might write them down here. There's no plot.

Beware that I'm not a native English speaker nor used to write in English. This might make the text hard to read. If you find any mistakes, I'd appreciate if you told me in the comments.


2. Words

 I'll get the grammar wrong and use expressions that doesn't exists. I don't even know where to put the commas. My thoughts are a mess and no matter what language I turn to, I can't find the words I need. This is pointless. This is irrelevant for anyone but me. So what is it doing in here? Why do I have to smear those words onto the internet, a place already cramped with the thoughts of millions of people? Why do I have to add my words, words already said before by so many different lips, written from smartphones and computers, scribbled down in tiny notebooks, printed and published and read so many times before? All those words used by billions, words millions of other people have managed to use far better than me? What are they doing here? Why can't I keep them to myself? 

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