The World Outside

A girl with an eating disorder. A secretive, schizophrenic loner. Both on the outside looking in. Co-authors welcome! Story is on hold! Sorry!


1. River Didn't Know Why

Her name was River, 

and she wanted to die.

To jump off the roof,

and try to fly.


She climbed on the roof and counted to ten,

after she jumped her life would end.




She thought about her past,

All the things they said.

"fat, ugly, stupid"

replayed in her head.




The thoughts of him keeping her calm.

Oh, what a good friend was Nate.

But by the time he'd see her body,

it would be too late.




What would they say when she is six-feet-under,

would they miss her?

Her mind heart started racing,

her mind started to stir.




What the hell was she doing,

standing up there?

She had a nice life,

but she never really realized or cared.




What was she thinking about to jump,

and die?

But for what?

She couldn't figure out why.




She had to get down,

what was she even thinking?

Her sanity came back like electricity,

all buzzing and blinking.




She didn't really want to die,

why she climbed up?



River didn't know why.





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