The World Outside

A girl with an eating disorder.
A secretive, schizophrenic loner.
Both on the outside looking in.
Co-authors welcome! Story is on hold!


5. My Friend Ana (River)

"I can make you thinner. 

All you have to do is skip dinner."


She said.

I listened.


And ignored the hunger pains.

"If you eat too much, you're guaranteed to gain."


She was right, the girl with a simple name: Ana.

If I ate another meal, my weight would stay the same.


"Don't eat that again!

If you take another bite, you'll be fat then."


Ana was right. Why would I eat that?

"Honey, it's because you're fat."


A week had soon ticked past,

And I was prepared to break my fast.


"What the hell, you fat wench!

Don't take another bite of the sandwich."


Ana said.

I listened.


And ignored my hunger pains.

"If you eat a single thing, you're guaranteed to gain."


Another week went by,

And my weight dropped like flies.


I think it's time for Ana's visit to end.

I don't believe she's really my friend.


I'm getting super hungry and I really want a treat,

But Ana keeps saying I'm too fat to eat.


But, Ana I'm seriously starving,

I can feel myself eating itself, the fat carving.


"You should never eat again, you're chubby.
Trust me, I'm you're best buddy."


No, Ana. I know you're freaking lying.

I hate the way my stomach is screaming and crying.


Just let me get a taste,

I'm sick of all this food going to waste.


"Not even a bite!

I've got control and you're not winning this fight!"


Ana go away, go away.

I really don't want you to stay. 


I hope and dream and pray,

That little miss Ana will go away.

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