The World Outside

A girl with an eating disorder.
A secretive, schizophrenic loner.
Both on the outside looking in.
Co-authors welcome! Story is on hold!


3. I (DON'T) Love You ~both POV's~

I saw him today.

I saw her today.

He didn't talk to me though.

I couldn't find the courage to speak to her. I just smiled.


He just smiled that bright smile and I smiled back.

She smiled back. God, was she beautiful.


We hadn't talked in a little while.

We hadn't talked in forever.

I was starting to miss my best friend.

I began to miss the love of my life.

But, he probably didn't care that we hadn't talked.

She probably didn't care we hadn't talked.

I wanted to talk to him about my night on the roof.

I wanted to tell her about all my fears.

Not that he would care or anything.

She probably wouldn't really care.

I just want to talk to him.

I just desperately want to talk to her.

I miss and need him.

I love and want her.

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