The Porcelain Doll

She was different, but yet it was refreshing. She was the difference that I needed in my life, and that I so desperately wanted. No, I didn't want her; I needed her.

She was the kind of girl that would rather sit at home and read a book instead of go to parties full of strangers. She was the kind of girl that would rather make her own cup of tea instead of stopping at Starbucks.

She was different, and I loved it. I loved how she had one dimple instead of two. I loved how she was quiet and shy when she met new people. I loved how she spent more time thinking about everything than handing out her opinion about everyone.

But yet I couldn't say I loved her. I cared for her, that was it. Because if I loved that ginger-haired girl, all hell would break loose.

She was like a porcelain doll; so beautiful, yet so easy to break.


2. Chapter One


I hope you guys enjoy it; and remember, there's a purpose behind this story. Even if you don't understand why people make certain decisions, they most likely have a reason behind it, so don't talk bad about them due to their choices–– You wouldn't want someone doing that to you.

Well here you go, the first chapter of The Porcelain Doll... Enjoy! :)


"Come on, you shouldn't sit around by yourself again! We both know that it's all you'll do if I leave you alone." my friend Beth said, grabbing my arm and pulling me along with her. I sighed, yanking myself from her grip. She turned back to me and frowned.

"Beth, you knew very well I didn't want to come." I replied, giving her a stern look. "This isn't my kind of thing. I'd rather be at home, where it's actually quiet."

"Hon, you don't need any more quiet than you've got!" Beth said as she laughed. Some guy started to grind up behind her in the middle of our conversation and she immediately got annoyed. She turned around and cussed the guy off, making him laugh and walk away. She sighed angrily before turning back to me.

"Fine, go do what you want. But please, don't ask a guy to bring you to the bathroom this time. It took a lot of work to get you out of that mess, Shy." Beth replied. I felt my cheeks get red from embarrassment, remembering what had happened. The last time I went to a party, I had to go to the restroom very badly and asked a guy if he could show me where it was. He took it the wrong way, thinking we were going to 'get it on.' Beth saw us and she spent a half hour arguing with the guy, trying to get me out of that mess.

Beth grinned at me and slightly laughed before patting my shoulder and walking off with some guy that was in front of her. She was quite the social butterfly and got along with everyone, the opposite of me. I don't know how I ended up being friends with her; yet again, it might be due to the fact that we had to get along. We both have to share a dorm room together at college, where we are both at for the music program. Beth wants to become a singer, as do I. The only problem with me is that I can't sing in front of a large crowd like she can. I can do anything in front of a camera, even sing. But if there's a group of thirty or more people, I'll end up getting sick.

I sighed as I turned and walked to a couch, that was luckily not being occupied. I sat down on the brown cushions, squirming because of how uncomfortable I was. Not to mention the fact that I was being crowded; there was hardly enough room to breath due to the amount of people here.

I was at a college party that Beth was invited to. The guy that was hosting it had a huge crush on Beth, which is the whole reason why she got to come. She asked him if she could bring a friend, and he only shrugged and mumbled a 'sure.' I wish that he could have told her no, because I was the friend she had in mind. And honestly, she knows how much I hate crowded spaces. It makes me feel uncomfortable; not to mention the fact that when I'm around a bunch of people that aren't even glancing at me, it makes me feel alone when I'm surrounded by strangers. I know it doesn't make much sense, but that's how it feels. That's why I prefer to be in the dorm than at parties like this. No one wants to talk to the anti-social geek.

The people around me began to whoop and holler as a song came on, which I couldn't remember the name of. It was some song by Justin Timberlake, and it wasn't exactly one of my favorite songs. Yet again, none of the music playing was. I liked calm and slow songs that gave you time to think about the lyrics. I liked songs that had meanings, and weren't completely pointless.

I suddenly felt the cushion beside me sink down, and I turned my head to see who it was. But as soon as I did, I immediately regretted it. Two people had just sat beside me and it was a boy and a girl. The girl was sitting on the guy's lap and she had no shirt on, while the boy also had no shirt on. Thankfully, the girl still wore a bra. But at that point, I didn't really care. I immediately stood up and began to walk away from the couch, feeling completely dirty due to what I had just seen. It's not like I haven't seen it before, but it still bothers me that people do that. Don't you think they'd want it to be private?

I bumped into a few people as I made my way to the exit of the building, feeling completely trapped. I wanted to get out and go back to the dorm, even if that meant I had to walk there. It wasn't that bad of a walk, actually. It was only half a mile and I could get there in twenty minutes by foot.

I finally got out of the house and walked down the sidewalk, avoiding any people that were standing around. A group of guys started to yell in my direction, but I just shook my head and kept walking, ignoring what they were saying. But for some reason, they didn't stop and leave me alone. They started to follow behind me, quickly catching up due to their longer strides.

"Hey sweet cheeks, what are you doing walking out here all alone?" one asked, standing in front of me to make me stop walking. I felt tiny compared to them all as they practically circled around me as if I was their prey. I was unable to mutter a word and they only laughed at how quiet I was.

"I think she needs a ride home, don't you boys?" he asked. I had a feeling that the boy in front of me was the ring leader for all of this, and I immediately felt scared. There was seven boys in total, and it worried me that they could easily hurt me if they wanted. They were probably the boys that were known as jocks in high school, and the fit bachelors for college. They weren't the type of people I was ever around, and I'm sure they were fully aware of that.

They all laughed and I suddenly felt people grabbing my arms and forcefully pulling at me to go in a certain direction. I tried my hardest to tug myself out of their grips, but it didn't work. I began to hit and kick them, while yelling for them to let me go. But they only continued to laugh as they pushed me near a black van. I knew this situation was serious, as I had heard stories like it before. It always ended terribly for the girl, and I had a feeling it would be the same for me.

"Let go!" I screamed, feeling tears come to my eyes.

"Oh, she's crying!" one of the boys said. All of them began to laugh as another person piped up.

"Such a wimp!"

They all continued to laugh as I held my head down in defeat. I wasn't going to get out of this situation; Beth wasn't here to save me this time.

"Let the girl go." I heard a deep voice. I looked up only a little bit, but I could only see the boy's chest that was in front of me. I had no way to see who it was that had said to let me go.

"Oh, aren't we so scared!" one of the boys said. All the others laughed and patted the guy's back, as if to sink lower due to how scared I was. It was as if no one at the party cared about what was happening right now. They must have been oblivious to this, even though I was completely aware.

"No." the ring leader said.

"Fine," the unidentified person said. "Then I'm going to make you."

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