"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


8. chapter 8

Dylan's POV

Molly kept bringing me glasses of water and it was starting to sober me up. I don't know why I came here but all i know is that i needed to see Zoe. I walked into the kitchen to ask Molly for another glass of water to find her comforting Zoe, who was crying.

"Why is she crying?" I almost shrieked but restrained myself. Molly looked at me briefly before returning her gaze to Zoe. 

"I'm going to bed." Zoe sniffed and avoided looking at me. I was scared that she was really upset so I followed her. She turned around and saw me, her eyes widening.

I looked at her tear stained face and my face fell a little. She looked so completely broken that I wanted to pull her into my arms. "Are you okay?" I asked gently trying not to make her break even more. She looked down at the ground and nodded. She walked away but I followed her again. Into Molly's room. Before she could climb into bed I grabbed her arm. She froze and I gently let it go. 

"What." She said softly, it didn't sound like a question. I pulled her into me and embraced her, not just comforting her, but me also. She pulled away though and looked me in the eye and I could basically feel her breaking. "Dylan please go, you're drunk." She hoarsely whispered holding back the tears.

"No I'm not." I said firmly but she averted her gaze and pulled out of my grip. I sighed and walked to the door. "I just wanted to hug you." I whispered quiet enough and if she heard, which i hope she hadn't, she said nothing. She just climbed into bed and stared at the wall.

I went back downstairs and sat down in the kitchen where Molly was doing dishes. "Why was she crying?" I repeated my earlier question this time hoping to get an answer. She stopped what she was doing and dried her hands. 

"Look Dylan." She started and I raised an eye brow urging her to continue. "Zoe had a rough night. I don't think you showing up here helped that much." She eyed me as i tried to find a response.

"Oh." Was all i could manage. 

"Yeah, oh." She said.

"But I needed to see her." I protested before i knew what i was doing.

Molly looked me over and sighed. "I can't even begin to explain what she needs. But you are all of it and none of it at the same time." I was confused, what does that even mean.

"I'll just go then." I said reaching for my coat.

"Look, whether you being here will help her or not, you're still too drunk to drive." She beckoned me to follow her upstairs to the spare bedroom. "Just stay here tonight." She said and left the room. I slid under the covers and laid there concentrating on my own breaths and my thoughts drifted to Zoe. I needed her more than i cared to admit, but I'm scared to find out if she needs me. Then my thoughts drifted to Mackenzie. The way she was straddled on top of Jordan with such ease, such eagerness. I fell asleep, dreaming of Zoe. Throughout the middle of my dream i caught Zoe doing the same thing Mackenzie had and I broke. I screamed in my sleep.

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