"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


6. chapter 6

Zoe's POV

I got up from the chair i was sitting in with my drink and went up the stairs looking for a bathroom. I opened a door and looked around at all the posters. Then i saw a figure slumped against the wall cradling his knees to his chest. He looked up and I saw a puffy eyed Dylan. "s-sorry." I stuttered, "I was just looking for a bathroom." He nodded absently and looked down again. I was about to leave but i thought better of it. I walked in and slid down the wall beside him. "What's wrong Dylan?" I asked and looked at him carefully.

"Mackenzie cheated on me." He said trying to hide the waver in his voice. 

"I know." I said looking down. He was quiet and I looked up to see him looking at me with anger in his eyes.

"What do you mean you know?" He asked raising his voice.

"I mean," I sighed and looked away,"That I always see her hanging off other guys and flirting with them." He looked at me again but this time not as angry as before.

"And you never thought to tell me?" He demanded.

"I-i would have b-but we aren't really friends anymore so why would you have believed me." I stuttered softly. His eyes softened and he looked back down at the ground. 

"Yeah." I sighed and put my hand gently on his arm. 

"She never deserved you anyway." I whispered and looked at him. He looked up and his eyes met mine. I tried not to get lost in a cloud of blue so I just looked away. 

"I really liked her." He said and my heart dropped. 

"Oh." I said but being the boy he is he didn't take the hint to stop talking.

"We were so good together and maybe we can get past this." He continues and I stand up trying not to cry. "Where are you going he asks as i reach the door." 

"To the bathroom," I say and shut the door behind me. I find the bathroom and lock it behind me sliding down and waiting for the tears to come. But they don't. I don't know whether it's because I'm afraid of ruining my make-up or because it's just not worth crying over. I go for the second option. I want him to be happy, whether it's with me or Mackenzie or any other girl. I want him to be happy. I sat there for about 5 minutes and finally went back downstairs. Dylan was down there at the Bar counter and he looked much better then he did when i saw him. Molly yells over the crowd.

"ZOE." She says running over to me and Dylans head snaps in my direction at the mention of my name. I sigh and turn to face Molly. "Where have you been babe?" She asks. If you didn't know her, you;d think she was drunk but she isn't she's just having fun. I decide against telling her about Dylan so i say,

"Looking for a bathroom." And I laugh. She smiles.

"I don't want to sound like a party pooper but can we maybe go now? I'm tired." She says. I am more than happy to oblige. I nod and sigh with relief and we start to head to the door but Dylan catches my arm and Molly and I both stop in our tracks. He smiles at Molly and pulls me to the side. Molly stares after me with an open mouth. 

"Where are you going this time." He whispers and it almost sounds like he's whining.

"Home, Dylan." I say firmly, I don't want him to see how much I'm hurting inside. He looks at the ground and then back up at me. 

"Did I do something to make you upset?" He asks with obvious concern in his voice and my heart flutters.

"No, I um.." I look away not wanting to admit how much that conversation hurt me. "Molly is tired and she wants to go I say and nod my head towards her." She's still standing there a big grin plastered on her face and confusion in her eyes.

"Oh." He says and loosens his grip on my arm. "Thanks for talking to me about the Mackenzie thing. i'll see you around, yeah?" 

"Yeah." I agree and send him a fake smile and walk off. 

"What. Was. That." Molly dramatically asks as we walk to her car.

I sigh, "I found him while i was looking for the bathroom earlier and he was upset because he caught Mackenzie cheating on him." I began and her eyes widened. "So I was trying to comfort him but then he started talking about how he could get through this with her and work it out so I kind of left him because I didn't want him to see me upset." I eyed her and climbed into the car. "And then he just pulled me aside to ask where I was going and to say thanks about helping him with the whole Mackenzie mess." I finished. She smiled at me sadly, understanding how i feel about him, and patted my shoulder before driving home.

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