"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


4. chapter 4

When the final bell rang i met molly outside at our lockers. We were both grinning with excitement for the party tonight, but for different reasons. Molly was excited because we were going to the biggest party in town and i was excited because Dylan personally invited me. I sighed thinking about him, his perfect hair, perfect lips, sparkling eyes, Mackenzie. Mackenzie, I though narrowing my eyes mentally. If that bitch tries to ruin my night i swear to god i will slap her. Molly linked her arm through mine and dragged me to the car Dylan and Mackenzie stood with their group, Mackenzie all over him and Dylans eyes looked distant. I half smiled to my self before climbing into the car with Molly. I let her borrow some of my clothes because we were about the same size. I wore high-waisted faded denim shorts and a union jack crop top with my infinity necklace. I applied some eyeliner and mascara and quickly went over my straightened hair, fixing any flaws on it. 

We still had 2 hours before the party started which meant we had 2 and a half before we had to be there. If you know what i mean. We went downstairs to grab a snack and my mom was baking banana bread. We both dipped our fingers in the dough and licked it while me mom playfully smacked our arms and ordered us out of the kitchen. We sighed and went outside to lay on my lawn and just hang out there for a bit. A truck drove by and they rolled down the window revealing Dylan and all his popular friends. They whistled and honked the horn and in turn molly and I both flipped them off. I couldn't help but blush when Dylan flashed me a dimpled smile and waved at me.

"So I'll see you girls tonight right?" He asked still smiling. We nodded and waved goodbye and they drove off. I laid back down and sighed. 

"Why does he have to be so damn cute." I pouted at Molly she laughed and gave me a sympathetic smile before putting her sunglasses back on and laying back.


2 hours later

I grab my sleepover bag that we are going to drop off at Molly's before the party and we both yell bye to my mom at the same time. We both say our "I love you"s and ran out the door. We turned the music up loud in her car and sang the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I thought about Dylan. I don't know what I'm in for tonight but I have a feeling it's going to be memorable. 

After dropping my bags off at Molly's we drove to the party. By the time we got there it was around 8 and the music was on full blast and there was people everywhere. We hopped out of the car and made our way into the packed house. There were people dancing and grinding everywhere. I grabbed molly's wrist so I didn't lose her as we pushed our way through the crowd and to the dance floor. I laughed as she pulled me into the grinding train and i got stuck in between two already tipsy guys. I could smell the alcohol fumes throughout the whole house. Molly pulled me over to the counter where people were serving drinks and ordered us both a coke and rum. I sipped mine quietly and looked around. 

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