"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


3. chapter 3

I walk through the doors on Friday with molly at my side. Everyone is buzzing about the party tonight. Molly nudges me and I turn to see Mackenzie hanging off another boy. I roll my eyes and sigh. "God, Dylan totally doesn't deserve to be treated like that." I whisper trying to hide the anger in my voice. Molly nods and we keep walking to our lockers. Dylan stands there crowded by his friends and I feel the urge to tell him about Mackenzie but i decide against it. His friends walk off and he nods at me.

"Coming to my party tonight?" He asks smiling, dimples flashing.

"um." I start the words not finding their way to my mouth. "Maybe." I finally sputter.

"Sweet. It's going to be fun. You should stop by." He grins and starts to walk away.

"Why?" The question is out of my mouth before I have time to think. He turns back to me with a confused glint in his eyes.

"Why? well because a lot of people are coming." He states raising his eyebrow. I nod and close my locker before walking off. Well that was embarrassing. I sigh and go to first period. Molly slides into the seat beside me and smiles at me while we both do our math work. This unit is easy. Integers. Mackenzie walks in late and flashes our teacher, Mr pineston, a flirty smile before slipping into her seat beside Dylan and hanging off of him like usual. I roll my eyes and groan in disgust. She catches my eye and glares at me.

"What do you want freak?" She spits at me.

"Nothing." I Fake smile and glare right back. I turn back to my work and go through the rest of class without any interruptions. 

At lunch I grab my lunch from my locker and head to the cafeteria. Mackenzie steps in my way and glares at me. "Hey freak." She smirks. I see Dylan somewhat behind her far enough to just barely hear what's going on. He looks at us with curiosity. 

"What." I roll my eyes and try to step around her but she shoves me back into a locker.

"Stay away from me and my friends from now on fatass." The words sting but i ignore them. I shrug and step away from her. she grips my wrist and pulls me back. "Did you hear me freak?" 

"Whatever." I say defiantly. She raises her hand to slap me but that's when Dylan speaks up. 

"Hey Mack, what's going on here?" He smiles innocently at her and kisses her cheek.

"Nothing babe, just chatting." She says and turns around glaring at me. "Coming to lunch?"

"Yeah one sec let me grab my lunch from my locker." He smiles and she walks off. I turn to walk away but he speaks before I do so. "What did she say?" He asks curious.

"Nothing." I respond as naturally as i can. But even I can hear the edge in my voice.

"That didn't seem like nothing." He states this time acting a little concerned. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I smile. "I'm fine." And I walk off before he has a chance to respond. When I get to the cafeteria i sit down beside Molly, our other friends deep in conversation. She looks at me curiously and I give her a look that says, I'll explain later. She smiles and continues eating. I can't help but glance over to the popular table where Dylan sits beside Mackenzie. He smiles but doesn't react when she kisses him or flirts with him. Eventually she sighs and gives up, returning to the conversation with her friends. I smile. He looks up at me but his expression is unreadable. I look away and join into my friends conversation about the party tonight.  

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