"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


19. Chapter 19

Zoe's POV

I woke up with my head on Dylans lap. I looked up at him. He was so beautiful, so perfect. I leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me, "Can you wake me up every morning like this?" I shrugged and kissed him again before rolling off of him. I was completely naked. Suddenly my self consciousness kicked in and I squealed and tried to cover myself. Dylan smirked and removed my hands from my body and pulled me up so I was sitting naked on his lap. His eyes hungrily scanned my body.

"I like you better this way." He breathed in my ear, sending shivers down my body. I groaned and pulled back. 

"Can I have a shower maybe?" I asked.

"Only if I can join you." I bit my lip, I really wanted to see him but I was too shy.

"Actually I don't need a shower." 

"Please baby, I promise I won't do anything." He said, begging.

"Fine," I breathed and turned to walk to the shower. I turned it on and got in, letting the warm water work my muscles. I heard rustling of the shower curtains and he stepped in, completely naked. He was big. Bigger than I ever though. I hadn't realized i was staring until he chuckled and hooked his finger under my chin.

"My eyes are up here love." He said and I blushed and turned around. I reached for the body wash but he got it before me. He opened it and put some in his hands. He started to rub it all over me. My back, shoulders, stomach, arms, etc. I longed for his touch, but didn't make a sound. He rinsed me off and pulled me into him pressing our naked bodies together. He crashed his lips onto mine and his tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for entry, which I immediately granted. We made out in the shower for at least 5 minutes and I never wanted to stop. But when we did I groaned and he laughed. He turned off the shower and I got out, wrapping myself in a towel. I made my way back to his room, searching for my clothes. He came in after me, his towel hanging loosely around his waist and he smiled at me before grabbing my waist and lifting me up, he walked backwards until we reached the bed and he laid me down gently before climbing on top of me. He kissed my jawline, then my nose, my cheek, my neck, and finally my lips. I smiled into the kiss and gently bit his bottom him, causing him to groan in the back of his throat. 

We stayed like that, cuddling on the bed, for the rest of the day until I had to go home.

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