"I don't know what to expect." I sighed.
"Zoe if you want it, you take it." Molly smiled at me. "You love him. that's all that matters." I pondered this. I didn't know what to say. So i nodded and focused back on the movie.


15. chapter 15.

A/N Very detailed thoughts.

Dylans POV

I lay in my bed staring at the ceiling with my fingers intwined behind my head. I couldn't help but think about the way she leaned into my kiss opening her mouth slightly to deepen it. I craved more, I wanted to wake up beside her small body curled up beside mine. I wanted to strip her down and tease her. I wanted to see her pretty mouth wrapped around me as she stared up at me. Fuck, i wanted to fuck her into oblivion. 

I sighed as i reached down my boxers and freed my throbbing length, thinking about her. She is so fucking beautiful. Way more beautiful than Mackenzie. I wanted to lay her on the bed and do all these dirty things to her. Watching her squirm beneath me. I pumped faster, letting out a shaking breath. I thought about how she would look as she climaxed and it sent me over the edge. I finished cumming in rapid spurts and my length flopped against my stomach. I cleaned my self up with a paper towel and curled into a little ball and sighed. But over all the dirty things i want to do to her, i mostly just want to hold her against my chest and cuddle her all night. 


*The next morning*

I woke to the sound of my dad banging on my door. I d and slipped on some boxers and opening the door. "What?" I snapped sleepily.

"Your mother and I are going out for the weekend to Fairmont. No parties." He said and walked downstairs. I lazily dragged myself back to bed and pulled out my phone. I scrolled onto Zoe's contact and called her.

"Hello," She squeaked, obviously just waking up. 

"Hey beautiful, my parents are gone for the weekend probably on some sex craved vacation." I laughed gently, "Want to come over and hang out today?"

"Um," She groaned lazily probably getting out of bed, "Sure what time."

I looked at my clock and it read 10:23 am, "12ish?" I asked looking at my self in the reflection. My hair was all messy but in a sexy way so I decided I'd leave it that way. 

"Okay, see you then." She piped and I heard the line go dead. I pulled on some sweats and went downstairs to make some toast.

Zoe's POV

As soon as i hung up I squealed and threw my self on the bed. About 10 minutes later i got up and took off my slim pj's and put on some long faded skinnys, a dark purple tank that says, 'Young wild and free' and threw a baggy blue jumper that reached down to mid thigh, on. I brushed the tangled out of my hair and quickly went over my semi straight hair, fixing the kinks. I blinked some mascara on and drew a thin line of eyeliner along my waterline. By the time i had finished getting ready it was 11:48. I grabbed my keys and hopped in my car. My radio played as i sung along and drove to Dylans. My parents were out for 2 weeks so I hadn't bothered telling them I was going out. I smiled inwardly as I thought about spending time with Dylan. 

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