Never Let Go ( Dark Harry Styles)

Harry Styles. I've heard his name too many times. He's the bad boy of Holmes Chapel. He's been following me around for days, wont leave me alone. I just want it to end... He wants something I don't want to give, he forced me to anyways and now? I just want more. I can never let go... It's the darkest secret I know. I wont let it go... He just might take me home.

A/N: May cause trigger scenes! This is not meant to hurt anyone in anyway. I love all of my readers and always will. Stay strong babes <3 I love you.


2. What's Happening To Me?

 Harry's POV:


"I get what I want whether there is a price to pay or not." I said to Ally. "Give her some time Harry.. She'll come around." She said messing with my hair. I sighed. "Did you use the spare key under the mat?" Ally asked I nodded. "Do you still have it?" She asked I nodded once again. "Well yeah, I forgot to put it back last night." I spoke. "Keep it... Tell her you found it sitting by her locker and that's why you stopped by... I have to get to work. I need to finish my shift so that Maya can take over." She said standing. I gave her a quick hug before she left and walked  her to the door. "Bye." She smiled before driving off.

I don't even like Maya. It's just that its hard to tell Ally no. Besides, she already thinks I'm an asshole so why not right? I walked over to my closet and pulled on a black t-shirt and put on my normal shoes. I scruffled my hair a bit before grabbing my keys and phone. I was going to go to Maya's job.



I walked inside the Hollister store searching for her familiar face. I caught her folding sweaters in the back of the store. "Fancy meeting you here." I said approaching her. "Oh my god... Why are you here?" She groaned. "I came to shop." I replied. "You never shop here. I should know... NONE of your clothes are from here, I can tell by looking." She scoffed moving onto the next item to fold. "Yeah I do." I spoke. "Oh yeah? What did you get from here?" She asked not bothering to look at me. "This shirt!" I lied. "Where's the logo?" She asked. I didn't say anything. "What is up with you? First your somehow sneak into my house and now you followed me to my job? I'm starting to think I really should call the police." She said turning to face me.

"Or maybe you should just give me what I want." I said. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "What? What do you want?" She asked. I pulled her closer to me. "You..." I spoke. "You're fucking crazy! Stop touching me! Did you not get the memo that I don't want anything to do with you! I hate you! My brother... HATES you. Everyone HATES you!" Each time she said hate she would drag it out. "Is that so?" I asked. "Yeah, it's so." She said pushing me away. "Maya could I speak to you?" A guy who appeared to be my height said calling her over. "Great... My boss. Get the hell out of here." She mumbled before walking off.


Maya's POV;


"Is everything alright over there?" Jase asked. Jase is my boss. He's only two years older than me, he has brown hair that is usually is a quiff, green eyes, and a bright smile. "Yeah, just fine. Some people just cant take no for an answer." I said. "Want me to get rid of him?" "Nope, I've got this one." I said walking back over to Harry. "What is it going to take to get you out of here?" I asked Harry. "I'm not leaving without you." He smirked. "STOP IT! Stop doing that! It's the most annoying thing ever." I blew up. "What?" He asked. "That stupid smirk, those words, stop flirting with me because I DO NOT want you." I said with a huge sigh at the end. "Suit yourself babe." He spoke.

"What will it seriously take to get you out of here?" I asked. He sighed. "A date. One date that lasts the entire night."

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