Never Let Go ( Dark Harry Styles)

Harry Styles. I've heard his name too many times. He's the bad boy of Holmes Chapel. He's been following me around for days, wont leave me alone. I just want it to end... He wants something I don't want to give, he forced me to anyways and now? I just want more. I can never let go... It's the darkest secret I know. I wont let it go... He just might take me home.

A/N: May cause trigger scenes! This is not meant to hurt anyone in anyway. I love all of my readers and always will. Stay strong babes <3 I love you.


1. I've Been Here Too Long

 Maya's POV;


 I stood uncomfortably in a corner waiting for my friend to return. She'd dragged me to the school dance so I was really out of my comfort zone by now. I sighed as I was forced to move because a couple of drunks decided to sit right by me and make out. I found a nearby table and sat there. I rolled my eyes watching those who thought they could dance make fools out of their selves. I laughed a bit at one guy who was so drunk that he actually got caught. "Idiot." I said to myself. My friend Ally finally returned happier than ever. "What are you so smiley about?" I asked her. "Oh lighten up Maya! Anyways... You know that new senior?" She asked me. "Um, Yeah. Why?" I asked her. "Well he wants to dance"  She smiled. I rolled my eyes. "No! No way! I don't even want to be here! Let alone dance with a jerk!" I yelled.

 "Maya you're at a school dance! Lighten up!" She spoke. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not doing it." I said sternly. "Yes! You are! Now come on!" She yelled dragging me over to him. His name is Harry. Some jock who got every girl he wanted and I swore to myself I'd never give into him. I've only told him two words and it was get up. I stood in front of him, my arms crossed and my attention elsewhere. "Maya stop being rude! It's just one dance. He's not going to leave until you two get one dance together." Ally said pushing me into him as Weightless by All Time Low began to play. "Let's just get this over with." I groaned as we found a spot on the "dance floor". "So babe what's it like to dance with me?" Harry smirked.

"First off, don't call me babe because I'm far from yours. Secondly... Horrible. I don't like you." I said rolling my eyes. "But why not?" He asked. "You're ignorant and not really worth my time." I shrugged. He pulled me closer and I pushed myself back. "Don't touch me." I said. "But why babe?" He asked. "Don't call me that!" I exclaimed. "Babe come on.... You know you love me." He smirked. I huffed rolling my eyes. "This dance... Is officially over." I said walking out of the gym and to the parking lot. I called my brother and he told me that he'd be about fifteen minutes. I slipped my jacket on a bit more, buttoning it. I sat on a nearby boulder.

About five minutes later Harry was sitting next to me. He turned my head to face him. "How's it going?" He asked still holding my head. I smacked his hand away. "Don't fucking touch me!" I yelled. He moved his hand from my face to my thigh. " I quickly stood up. "Harry you need to stop!" I yelled. "Just relax." He replied. He dragged me to the side of the building before pushing me against the wall. His grip was tight on my waist had he rubbed his front against. I pushed him off. "I fucking hate you and you will NEVER get me." I said running around front to where my brother would be meeting me. Luckily he was there. I got in and brushed my bangs back, putting on my seatbelt. "Why'd you even go?" He asked as we pulled off. "Ally made me. It wasn't my choice." I spoke. "Learn how to tell her no." He spoke as we turned onto the highway.

"I try but then I never do. It wasn't even the fact that I didn't want to be there. It's the fact that, that stupid jerk Harry Styles and I HAD to dance to together because of her. I just don't know... It didn't even last two minutes." I said rolling my eyes. "Well stay away from him. I graduated and I know about him. I telling you Maya you need to stay away." Dylan warned. Dylan was typically the best brother a girl could ask for. "I know! I was trying... Then Ally came in like a fucking wrecking ball and put me into his stupid view. I'm one of the only few girls in school who cant, and wont have. I'd like to keep like that." I said.

We were soon home but Dylan wasn't coming inside. "Where you off to?" I asked him. "Layla's. She wants me to come watch a few movies." He spoke. "Alright, see later then." I spoke heading for the door. I got inside and flipped a few light switches on. I got out of my converse, and hung my jacket at the door. I walked into the bathroom and put my loose hanging curls into the messiest bun possible and began to remove my makeup. I quickly went upstairs and changed into sweats and a tank top. I crawled into bed and turned on the t.v. not brother to go turn the lights off downstairs. I slowly drifted off until I felt a stare like ice on my back. I quickly woke up and I looked in the corner to see Harry. "What the fuck!?" I yelled jumping up. "Relax princess..." He said with that annoying smirk of his.

"Get the hell out of here! How'd you even get in here?!" I yelled. "You should really lock your doors babe." He said. "Get out! Now!" I yelled. "Calm down! Geez, you yell a lot!" He said harshly. "Harry you've got ten seconds before I call the cops." I said, my breathing getting heavier. "But why Maya? It's pretty obvious you want me." He said. I quickly grabbed my phone and began to dial the police. "Relax! Calm your fucking ass... I'm leaving." He said. He turned and began to walk downstairs. I heard him go out the door and saw him through the window. "That bitch is crazy..." I said to myself. I ran downstairs  and locked the doors. I looked at the clock and it was almost four in the morning. I walked over to Dylan's room and he wasn't there. Oh god... I don't even want to know what him and Layla are doing this late.

I grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down. I walked back up to bed but had serious problems getting to sleep. Work was going to be hell tomorrow. I work at a mall on Saturday shifts and sometimes Friday.. The two busiest days ever. I rolled over hoping to fall back asleep but it never happened.

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