Something Great

Hi, I'm Kaylee the daughter of Zayn Malik (from One Direction) and Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix). I'm 16, well I am about to have a party. I haven't seen my four uncles in 5 years, but when they surprisingly come over with my cousins... Everything starts well.... But does it end bad? What will happen if it does end bad? Will it end good?


4. Welcome

Kaylee's P.O.V.

There was a quite knock at the door. As I made my way I decided to warn my parents "Mum,Dad, we have visitors!" I called. As soon as I had called my parents they were standing at the door. So I turned and opened the door, "Hi Uncle Niall and Aunt Emily, please come in!" I smiled. Uncle Niall came right in and gave me a giant hug almost squeezing me to death! When Aunt Emily came in and gave me a gentle hug I hugged her back. Though I noticed how much my cousin Kaitlyn grew she was so cute! She was only Three, I hadn't seen her since she was a year. I was the oldest out of all the kids and Kaitlyn was the youngest so no wonder there was such an age gap!

While I was in my own world Kaitlyn ran at me and wrapped her little arms around my legs trying to squeeze but with no success, she was too small but just for fun I pretended like she was squeezing me too tight. Her little giggle she let out made me smile, she was so cute! I wanted a little sister even though I knew I wasn't going to ever going to have one. It's not fair!

When she eventually let go I picked her up so nobody could run over her. After Uncle Niall and Aunt Emily got settled I heard the door bell ring again. I opened the door to see my Uncle Louis and my Aunt Eleanor with Kat ( we call Kaitlyn Kat for short) in my hands I grabbed some of their bags. " Hi c'mon in! I'll grab the bags and put them into your room , while you go sit down in the living room." I smiled while grabbing some of the bags. " Thanks Kay, if you need any help call us" my Aunt Eleanor told me, quickly nodded my head and turned towards my three other cousins. Louis and Eleanor's kids Adele who was 14, Louise who was 12 and Jack who was 7. " Do you guys wanna help? You can check out your rooms and call dibs!" I told them and Louise answered "Sure we'd love to!" She smiled and the followed me up the stairs to the first floor.

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