Something Great

Hi, I'm Kaylee the daughter of Zayn Malik (from One Direction) and Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix). I'm 16, well I am about to have a party. I haven't seen my four uncles in 5 years, but when they surprisingly come over with my cousins... Everything starts well.... But does it end bad? What will happen if it does end bad? Will it end good?


3. They're coming

Perrie's P.O.V.

I got home, "Hi sweetie, I'm home." My voice echoed through the silent house. Though soon I heard the light foot steps of someone coming down the stairs. " Hi mom! I'm here." I heard a silent call. Soon I seen her whole face. " How was work?" She asked while looking at the floor. I replied "Exhausting, but I'll stuck it up because we've got quite a bit of people coming over." I had almost forgot I had to clean up a bit! Everybody was coming over and everything was everywhere! Before she could speak I had ran into the kitchen putting everything away in its proper place. " Kaylee I'm so sorry I interrupted you speaking but could you help me clean the living room?" I asked quickly. " Yeah! I will!" She spoke quickly and then I heard her run into the living room.

After half an hour of preparing and cleaning we heard the door bell ring. I looked over the room just to double check, then I opened the front door. It was Zayn, thank god we were not ready! I pulled him in. " We have to get ready for everybody to come over!" I told. He nodded his head " I'll help you get ready." He replied.

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