Something Great

Hi, I'm Kaylee the daughter of Zayn Malik (from One Direction) and Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix). I'm 16, well I am about to have a party. I haven't seen my four uncles in 5 years, but when they surprisingly come over with my cousins... Everything starts well.... But does it end bad? What will happen if it does end bad? Will it end good?


5. Settled in

Kaylee's P.O.V.

We had finished putting all the bags in the spare rooms. So I made my way back down the stairs I kept a close eye on Adele, Louise and Jack because we had a huge house they could've got lost in it but after a couple minutes I realized that they had a mansion too. Oh well they were younger so I had to watch them anyways.

I arrived in the lobby, nobody was there. I heard lots of people though I turned into the living room to see everyone here. The guests that just arrived were Uncle Harry and Aunt Savannah with Georgia who was 10 and Darcy who was 8. Our last guests were Uncle Liam and Aunt Ella with Delilah who is 13 and Noah who is 5. Great oh course I'm the oldest so I'm responsible for all these kids! Good thing it was 9:00 so everybody was getting ready for bed, well the kids were.

I laid there in my bed, listening to the ticking of the clocks, the snoring of my family, the constant buzzing of my phone telling me that people were on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, etc, though the sound that kept me up all night was the wind. It was brushing softly against my window, it sounded like wind chimes though this wasn't the time to listen to wind chimes! I finally I fell asleep.

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