Something Great

Hi, I'm Kaylee the daughter of Zayn Malik (from One Direction) and Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix). I'm 16, well I am about to have a party. I haven't seen my four uncles in 5 years, but when they surprisingly come over with my cousins... Everything starts well.... But does it end bad? What will happen if it does end bad? Will it end good?


7. Craziness

Kaylee's P.O.V.

"Sorry I just had to speak to Megan for a quick sec, but everything is good." I told my mum. She nodded her head. " Why don't you take the kids to that park we all us to go to? It'd be fun.... Bring your cell though." She tried to convince me. I nodded my head and replied " Okay fine then but if anything goes wrong I'm leaving, I'm not listening to their cra..." I turned to see Kat looking at me from one of the dining room tables. "Craziness... " I quickly said, making sure Kat didn't hear me. " Okay then, off you go" my mum scooted me out of the kitchen. " People, cousins, kids, whatever, your coming to the park with me Kaylee... So hurry up!" I announced. All the kids were circled around me in seconds. They were all getting ready. I counted everybody and made sure that I would know if I lost one of them.

We were walking on the sidewalk and everybody was talking, screaming and it was starting to get annoying! "Okay guys, turn here's the park! Go play and stay in pairs or whatever so you don't get lost!" I had to yell above the noise, though as soon as I had said that everyone ran to the park and was climbing on swing sets, jungle gyms and it was getting hectic! I decided to go over to a swing set in the corner of the park, nobody was using it so I sat on it and watched everyone.

After a couple minutes Delilah and Kat approached me. Delilah was Uncle Liam's daughter. She was 13. "What's up?" She asked. " Nothing really trying to get away from everyone, they are crazy I don't know how anybody can have kids!" She nodded her head " Yeah we are pretty crazy!" She told me, I sighed. "So it must be fun, getting to celebrate your sweet sixteen with your family. You probably rather be partying with your best friends... Though of course we probably ruined it." She seemed upset at herself. " No, don't worry about it... I kind of like it better with family... After a while partying gets boring and sometimes when the party ends you can feel like your absolutely glad it's over and sometimes you can feel like you wish it never ended." I replied. "You actually like it better with family? Your not being sarcastic?!" She questioned me.

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