A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


6. Chapter 5

I woke up feeling better than yesterday.

Pansy was, as expected, still asleep. I run to the bathroom and get ready for this day, which was me, showing off that i didn't care i was a muggleborn, and i want to see how Draco would react.

I went out of the bathroom and Pansy was already dressed.

Before i could say anything she already walked with me to the Great Hall.

"How was your sleep-" Pansy asks but gets cut off when Niall tugs me, really hardly towards the Gryffindor table, oh neveind, he was leading me outside.

"I'm crazy for you." he whispers desperately

"Niall..." i trail off

"I know it's crazy, falling for a fan after a concert and all of this happening.." he was rambling on and on, i could only make up a few words, and his accent wasn't helping. But he ran his hand through his hair, making it messy an just.. uughjjankskflen

I liked Niall. I really did, and he wasn't fictional. So I did what i've wanted to for so long as a fangirl

I grabbed him by the collar so i could pull him close, and kissed him. His hands were instantly cupping my face.

"I really like you, Alyxon." He whispers, resting his forehead on mine.

"I like you,too" i smile. Bc Niall.

"But Pansy probably hates you." i laugh, remembering i was supposed to eat breakfast with my best friend.

"Right, i'll see you soon?" he asks and i nod, he quickly pecked my cheek and ran inside. Seeing him so red made me die inside a bit.

I walk back inside to see the boys smiling at me.

Pansy was eating with Draco, who was eyeing me with no emotion. So i sat next to George Weasley. I still think he's attractive.

But Niall was watching me, i just smile at him, teasingly, ha.

He stood up and in about two minutes he sat between me and George, looking at the both of us sheepishly.

I didn't expect Niall to be the jealous type. In fanfiction maybe, but this is real. (a/n:) oooh the irony.

"What the hell is wrong with you " i say more than ask while laughing.

He just shrugs.

"What's our first class, Hermy?"

"Potions" Yaay, Snivy!

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