A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


5. Chapter 4

I was eating lunch next to Pansy, watching her shove a variety of food in her big mouth, still thinking about what Haz said.

"You seem distracted, did those newcomer mudbloods do anything to you?" Draco was genuinely concerned, earning a tiny smile of mine, i know i'm such a dog, liking Draco, and Niall at the same time, and still have a soft spot for George

I am in a magical and somehow fictional world, you let me be.

"Oh no, i'm fine. Really." I say unconvincingly.

Everybody makes their way to their classes and say their goodbyes to friends from other houses.

I had Transfiguration with Gryffindors. Harry, Ron andd Hermy! Surprisingly, they aren't as mad as the boys.

I was about to seat next to Hermione when I felt a tug on my wrist, expecting Pansy, I pulled my hand away

"I wanna sit next to Her-" I look and see Draco, it was awkward, Hermione was watching.

"Oh, I though you were Pansy, ha" I giggle trying to keep my cool.

"Sit next to me" He states, too straightforward to be a question, but too shy to be an orded as well.

I didn't speak for a moment, not knowing what to say.

"I just don't want to sit next to Pansy." he whispers. I try to read him through his eyes, but I couldn't.

"Alright, let me just have a word with Hermione." I tell him

"Do you really have to?" he asks impatiently, I honestly don't understand how people find this annoying, he looked like a kid. You'd never know how immature this boy is.

"Go, Draco, save a seat for me." I say nicely, laughing at how childish he is.

He nods and walks to a desk with two empty chairs, putting his feet on the other chair, normally i'd get annoyed at people who save their seats for me that way, because honestly, can you cofirm that you haven't stepped on anything horridious and mortifying? But the castle seems sterile enough, and Draco is Draco, so i didn't mind.

"Hermione, I hope you don't mind, Draco wants to sit next to me and-" she cuts me off

"You two aren't.." she trails off in disbelief

"No, God no. He just doesn't want to sit next to Pansy." I laugh i little too much,

"Alright, I'll see you later? The boys won't stop yacking about how it's unfair for Draco to see you all the time." She giggles,

"Oh, Draco's no match for Ron and Harry, they should know." I blush, because I knew I was lying.

"We'll be waiting outside your common room,then?" She says hesitantly.

"No, I could go to yours,I know how my house mates treat you." I state, and she lets a breath out in relief, it's nice to know she's willing to do that, though. But the muggle born insults are way out of line.

"Alright, I'll tell the boys." She smiles.

I smile back and finally go sit next to Draco, but then I see Pansy sitting next to him already. He looks at me and his eyebrows are furrowed together, and his facial expression saying 'sorry', then changes to saying 'help me' afterwards, earning a small laugh from me.

Professor McGonagall comes in and start turning a turqoise into a necklace.

I cast my incantation fairly on the first try and try getting it perfectly.

"10 points to Slytherin," McGonagall says all of a sudden, startling me.

"Oh gosh, I didn't know you were watching me!" I gush, feeling close to McGonagall, even though I wasn't really.

She then whispers from afar, to not gain attention, i'm guessing

"I have to keep watch on you, you are, as Dumbledore says, not from the wizarding world."

I nod

"You are a very talented witch, Miss Deviere. Much better than most Seventh Years, do you know what you want to take as a course once you have graduated, my dear?"

As a fangirling Potterhead, I've always wanted to be a death eater, yeah, like i'm going to tell her that.

"An auror is the first thing on my mind,as well as flying, but i'm not so sure." I lie quietly.

"You'd make very lovely auror, I'd love to see your success one day." I swear I almost died.


"Thank you, Professor." I say and blush

As she leaves,a note drops on my desk, I look at Dean Thomas, my seatmate, to see he was looking at me too. I smile at him,

"I heard Professor McGonagall, you know. You're a muggleborn?" he asks

"Yeah, please don't tell anyone." I plead,

"No, you can trust me, I won't tell anyone." he smiles and i return one.

I open the note and it said

'I'm serious pleaaaaaaaaaaaase help me'

I didn't have to ponder about who it was from

I scribble down a reply

'And how am I going to help you?'

and made the note fly to his desk, making sure Pansy wasn't looking first.

He never got to send another note,

I ended up getting to know Dean.

I never really cared about Dean in the series, the only time I really thought about him was when he was showed as Ginny's boy toy in book six. I never liked Ginny. Or Primrose. Seriously what is with Primrose (A/N; Sorry for Prim and Ginny fans out there,)

He liked football a lot and used to play it with his muggle friends at home.

He also told me he finds Ginny quite pretty. Wow, I didn't know it took Dean a year to make a move. Okay then.

He really knew how to have a laugh and i liked that about him.

He actually turned his turqoise into a pair of knickers. We were both crying already.

I couldn't help but notice Draco looking every once in a while.

Transfiguration was over and my next period was a free period, Slytherins only. As I was about to leave the room and wait for Draco and Pansy, my wrist was once again tugged at.

"Would you like to sit together again during Astronomy?" he asks with a smile, I smile and blush wondering if he meant that in some other way than friendly.

"Oh sure." I smile at him and walk out.

"What was that, Alyxon?" Draco asks firmly as we walked in the common room.

"I was being nice," I say in a tone that made him feel stupid, what's his problem anyway?

"Is he even a Pureblood?"

"Why does it matter?" I got really angry, I knew Draco was a purist but it still hurt because i'm a muggleborn, of course he wouldn't know, no muggleborns go into Slytherin.

"Purebloods shouldn't waste their time on half bloods, or worse, mudbloods." he spat.

"Why are you wasting your time on me then?" I asked, where was Pansy, though? I bet she was evesdropping in our dormroom

"That's right, I'm a mudblood." I spat and left

I went to the Astronomy tower and sat down. I was hurt like hell but I wasn't crying. I was sobbing and all, but no tears.

"Are you okay?" I voice I believed to be Ginny's. Really. Her of all people.

"No. I'm perfectly fine. I'm sobbing because I am absolutely peachy." I spat with sarcasm.

"I'm sorry." she says, probably confused, sitting in front of me.

"I'm sure I can be able to help you with whatever went wrong with you." she says assuringly.

"I appreciate the gesture but I really can't talk about it right now." I say honestly, I couldn't, she couldn't know the truth about me and the boys.

"Alright, maybe soon. I'm Ginny Weasley." she reaches her hand out to me.

"Alyxon Deviere." I shake her hand, showing her my robes, she sees my robes, but doesn't change expression, but she does examine my face.

"Are you okay?" I ask and she nods.

"Oh you're Ron's friend! He's told me a fair few things about you." she winks. Okay is it me or am I such a player in the wizarding world, it's not even amusing.

"Wh.." I trail off

"Oh I was just kidding." she giggles.

"Do you play Quidditch?" she asks

"Next year i'm definately trying out for Chaser." I tell her.

"Oh that's such a coincidence, I am, too!" she smiles.

Okay so maybe Ginny isn't that bad.

We got to know each other a little bit more.

It didn't take her long to admit she fancied Harry.

"You like Draco, don't you?" she asks with a smile

"I don't know." I shake my head in confusion.

"I think you do." I looked at her with my eyebrows furrowed.


"Why else would you come up here and cry after having an awfully loud conversation with him in your common room, loud enough for me to hear in the Potions classroom, don't worry though, I was alone."

"Is that why you came up here?" I asked, shocked

"I had to check if you were alright." she states. How nice of her, even towards a Slytherin.

"Don't you have classes?" I ask her.

"No, after Potions is lunch, would you like to join me?" she asks

"Oh sure. I don't think i have people to talk to anymore in my house anyway." I say, I noticed that I can trust Ginny enough to tell her about everything. But not now. Maybe wait for the right time, we aren't the only ones who go up the Astronomy Tower at this time of day.

We go inside the Great Hall only to be greeted by a very angry Draco, he was running towards the stairs, but not before glaring at me. I held on Ginny's hand and she squeezed mine to calm me down.

We sat down next to Ron and Harry and started talking about our days. Niall and the others came in. I smile at Niall and the boys. Everyone but Niall smiled back.

Harry sat next to me, Ginny being pushed aside,

"Are you alright?" Hazza asked

"I'm fine, you?" i answer with enthusiasm, feeling awkward because of yesterday.

"Good as well." He says decently, he then leans in my ear and whispers

"I wanted to apologize about yesterday" he says

"Oh, it's no big deal, i'm fine with it." i state happily.

"Niall says he heard you talking to Ginny a while ago in the astronomy tower?" he says quietly after eyeing Niall who was not far from us.

"Yes, did he say anything else?" i was nervous for some reason.

"He heard about Draco." he states

"Oh. What's wrong about that?"

"Do you want a replay of yesterday? He's head over heels for you and i know you feel the same way, Draco is no other than a fictional wanker." he whispers angrily

I was absolutely shocked at what he said, i stood up and said i had to do something and left.

I couldn't go to the astronomy tower, so i went straight to the common room.

Of course the first person and the only person i saw by the fireplace was Draco. I took a good look at him before going inside my dormroom.

"You didn't tell me you were a muggleborn." Pansy says, startling me.

Why was she nice?

"You said muggleborn."

"I know i did. Why didn't you tell me?" she was slightly annoyed and hurt at the same time

"I'm sorry, but no Slytherin thought or spoke decently about a muggleborn."

"But they weren't in the Slytherin house, you're my best friend, Alyxon. It would've been nice if you told be sooner." Am I dreaming? I never thought I'd live to see a deep and sweet Pansy.

"I'm sorry. I'll tell you everything tomorrow. But i really am tired. Let's sleep please." i say and she nods

I drifted off to sleep thanking Salazar that i had such good friends.


Wooo long chappie, hope it'll make up for all the times i didn't update

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