A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


4. Chapter 3

It was finally the extra Sorting feast, Dumbledoor's so nice! Letting us stay in Hogwarts like that,

**Liam's POV**

"Lyxia said we can request to be sorted in a house we want," I tell the boys

"She'd obviously want to be in Gryffindor," Niall says

"Then, lets all ask to be in Gryffiondor." Harry suggests and we all nod.

--Lyxia's POV---

"Liam Payne." Minerva says, and he goes to the stool .. It's quite weird seeing them all here, it's like a dream.


So all of the boys went in Gryffindor. Sad because I'll be in Slytheriiinn!

"Lyxia Deviere."

I sit on the stool and the hat was placed on my head.

"Quite the cunning folk huh? You've got a great ambition as well, what's that? You want to be sorted in Slytherin? Well I don't need that request because you ought to be a real.." He whispers in my head speaking faster and faster


Hermione, Zayn,Niall, Ron, Harry, Hazza, Liam and Louis all looked shocked. Actually, it was just Harry, Ron and Hermione. The boys looked angry.

After we all ate, I succeeded my objective, to be Pansy's best friend, haha.

We were about to go to the common room when someone grabbed a hold of my arm and pulled me. Hard.

"What's wrong with you?!" It was Liam and the other boys.

"This is real, Lyxia! You can DIE because of your 'housemates'!"

"Calm down, I can take care of myself," I defend myself. And storm away and run to catch up with Pansy.

"Sorry, I dropped my wand." I show her my wand and grin sheepishly. Surprisingly, Pansy's not that bad, she's really funny and nice, to people who are in her house, anyway.

"Pureblood."she says to the portrait and it swings open.

Pansy leads me in a room with three beds, one with pictures of Draco, I'm guessing that's Pansy's, and one with a blonde girl with locks is sprawled across on,

"Who's that?" I ask

"Daphne Greengrass" she says

"There's your bed." She points at the bed near the window.

I was about to sleep when I heard tapping glass.

It was Pigwidgeon.

I untitled the letter on his foot and read it

I hope you're doing well, Liam and Harry still seems a bit pissed off at you, but Zayn, Lou and I aren't, if you're finished reading this then go to sleep already, we won't be seeing much of each other, Harry, Liam and I are rooming in with Fred and George. Zayn and Louis are with Lee Jordan and some other people, good night,


How sweet, I thought. I obeyed Nialler's order and slept afterwards.


I woke up and got ready, before Pansy hogs the shower,

I go out and see her on the couch in her robes, how sterilized. D:

"Shall we go off to breakfast?" She asks rhetorically and we join arms and start walking.

"I wonder where Draco is, oh yes, Draco Malfoy, he's my boyfriend." She says dreamily.

"Draco!" She squeals as she sees Draco about to open the doors that lead to the great hall. She runs to him and pounces on him, but he was looking at me the entire time, tbh, I hope it's because he thinks I'm pretty. :)) LOLJK. But my feels hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Let's go eat breakfast." She whispers and completely forgets about me, ouch.

I stare after them going in and I feel a hand hold mine

"Gmorrrniiingg!" It was Louis! The cute idiot! Haha, I wonder how he'll tell Eleanor about Hogwarts, he'll probably owl her.

"Hello, Louis, how're you?" I ask

"Fine! But still sad, do you have any idea how mad it is for you to be in Slytheirn? You could be in harm's way!" He starts scolding me

"Louis, the only thing happening right now that isn't happening in the books are us being here, other than that, everything's just like in the movies and books, I could dodge spells and bullies," I assure him but he was still scowling.

"Umbridge is coming." I tell him my prediction and in five seconds she waltzes by and greets us with a sugary sweet, but wicked smile, like those witches that intend to eat you soon.

"Let's eat! I'm starving!"I hear Niall moan from the switching staircases. And a smile automatically creeps up to my face.

"Hello, Niall, lets go have breakfast!" I say happily the second I see them.

"I don t see why not" he puts his arm out and I link my arm with his as we happily skip into the great hall.

"First day as wizards in houses!" I say happily and Harry and Liam stay quiet while the other boys join in the excitement.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about my house, the sorting hat said he didn't need to hear my request because I'm a true slytherin. You guys can't hate me forever!" I whine like a child

"This is real, Lyxia. Not some wattpad fan fiction where everybody gets happy and married, you can die, Lyxia." Harry says seriously.

"It's not my fault the sorting hat found me like a true slytherin, I'll be safe, I promise!"

"Sorry to hear the house you're sorted in." Hermione mutters.

"Gmorning, Lyxia." Ron and Harry say together. If I wasn't a bit hurt at Harry's and Liam's doubt of me and my house, my feels would've made me lose it.

"Hullo." I say muffled, my mouth was filled with food.

"Didn't expect you to be sorted in Slytherin," Ron starts

It makes me want to turn back time. I didn't think Slytherin would cause this much drama. Maybe it's possible to borrow Hermione's time turner.

"I gotta go, guys." I smile before making my way to Transfiguration, not my first class but, I need the time turner from professor McGonagall.

I poke my head near the door and see professor McGonagall discussing about 'Vera verto' and when she sees me she smiles and turns her attention to me,

"Yes, Miss Deviere?" She asks, she knew about the port key.

"I was wondering If I could talk to you in private?" I ask, thinking it was about help and shiz, she agreed and tells her class to behave while she's gone.

"What is it?" She asks

"I've done something terribly wrong and I need to undo it. Is there an undoing spell?" I ask her in fake curiosity, knowing where this might lead.

"No, but there is a enchanted necklace that can turn back time, will that do?" She asks like a friend of mine trying to help me talk to my crush,

"Um, I think so." I say and she says

"But I must know why you are to use it." She says shortly.

"I asked to be sorted in slytherin, and my friends are starting to hate me for it! I want to be sorted in Gryffindor, now" I say.

"My dear, it is not wrong to ask to be sorted in Slytherin, but it is wrong to turn back time just to ask to be sorted in another house" Dumbledore says, I wasn't talking to McGonagall anymore, I wasn't in the transfiguration courtyard anymore, I was talking to Dumbledoor in his office. After overhearing my conversation with McGonagall

Professor Dumbledoor asked me to have a word with him here in his office.

"Give it some time, and you'll all be fine again." He says looking out the window.

"Thank you, professor." I did my best not to tell him that I know he's going to die next year. But he has to know! This might let him live longer. If I do the right moves. Maybe I'll just tell him to leave Harry to destroy the horcruxes himself.

"Professor, I'd also like to tell you. That this, all of this, is in a book series written by a muggle author, it's exposed as fiction, so nobody but me and the boys are aware that all of this is real." I tell him confidently.

"How does it end?" He asks casually. Almost as if he expected me to say it.

"Voldemort, Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lavender Brown, Colin Creevy and you, die."I say quietly.

"But I can help you do the right things," I ramble, all of a sudden all of the things I say sound stupid, rude and insulting,

"...I am so sorry." I say.

"It is not your fault." Dumbledore says

"I'll just go then," I say awkwardly and leave.


I was walking to Potions, eager to look at greasy's reaction to me being sorted in his house.

"Good morning professor, sorry I'm late." I say happily as I walk in the classroom.

"Five points from Gryffindor." He says, still examining the potion Neville was brewing.

"But I'm a Slytherin." I smirk, and he looks up at me with a poker face, but he was obviously surprised.

Just then Neville's potion exploded and Snape's hair caught fire. That's weird, I'm pretty sure Seamus was the boy on fire.

"Slytherin or not, I am taking 5 points from Gryffindor." He snaps after panic-ly stops the fire from burning his scalp.

"Alright," I mutter and Draco sits next to me, FEELS.

"Didn't think you'd be sorted in Slytherin." He says to me.

"What can I say, I'm full of surprises." I say to him.

"So what do your parents do?" I ask him eagerly, pretending I knew nothing.

"...they're aurors." He hesitates, well Draco, I expected you to tell me they were strong and loyal followers of the dark lord but WELL, HE DON'T TRUST ME.

"What about you?" He asks

"My father used to be the captain of the Holyhead Harpies." I lie, it's not like he's an expert in quidditch, he's probably just talking the talk and not walking the walk.

"That's brilliant." He says in a surprisingly amazed tone. HA, nailed it.

"Ever had a boyfriend?" He asks, catching me off guard

"Uh, no. What about you? Heard that you and Pansy are an item" I say, trying to be casual,

"She thinks we're an item," he mumbles

Then class was dismissed and I ran around to look for the boys.






I chanted their

names, everyone looked at me like I was insane.

"Have you seen the boys?" i ask George after sighing with relief as i have found him.

"They're on their way down, Lyx" he says and catches me off guard with a nickname.

"Thanks, George!" I call out, he was going to the Gryffindor table. He responds with a cheeky grin and wink


I sit next to Pansy and Draco. No, let me rephrase, I sat BETWEEN them. HAHAHA. I am such a cockblock. I prefer Pansy over Astoria but this is really happening! I am not going to waste whatever is going to happen.


"Gmooorning, Pansy" i say cheerily. She didn't seem to notice my cockblockery.

I ate my breakfast happily and made my way to my next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts, with the Golden Trio, and much to my disappointment, Trollface Froggylicious Umbridge. I was debating with myself wether I could change Umbridge's hatred towards everyone and everything, or just hate on her like everybody else.

Padma and Parvati cast a spell on a paper bird they made and it flew around the classroom gracefully, even if a few idiots tried to hurt it, it was still so pretty, prettier than the one in the movie, it flew around more until it burned. I knew it was coming but I didn't think it would happen now!

"Good Morning" that all-too-familiar-sugary-sweet-that-made-me-want-to-kill-myself-voice greets.

Everybody just glared at her, Harry looked embarrased, disturbed, and angry at the same time. Probably because she was at his hearing.

I wasn't even listening to her. I've already read her speech.

"ENOUGH" I flinch, oh so she was arguing with Harry already.

"Are you alright?" Draco asks from beside me, I flinched again, he chuckles, when did he get here?

"I'm fine." He actually caresdfghjkl

"You seem distracted, is Potter bothering you?" he asks seriously

"Draco, he's my friend." I tell him, but his expression doesn't change.

"He's not bothering me, Draco." I answer and he then nods and listens to Umbridge

La la la


La la la

It doesn't matter

La la la

Oh well

La la la

"Alyxon!" When the hell did Hazza get here

"Hello.?" isn't he angry at me?

"Dumbledoor told me you asked for the time turner." he says, where is he going with this?

"I'm sorry that I doubted you and your ways. Liam and I are just concerned and doubtful because you might hurt yourself. Or.. you know, we'd be dead in a blink of an eye if Ni-" he stops and grins before becoming serious again.


"Oh please, if it wasn't obvious enough, Niall likes you," he was laughing silently, shoulders going up and down


"Oh don't act so surprised, you like him too. If it weren't for Draco-Niall would've told you if he had the courage, and you already knew before we even went here, I told you in the van remember?"

"Harry." His eyes went big for a moment then went back to its normal size.

"Never mind what I just told you. He was probably just infatuated with you, I'm sure it's over now." He rambles and goes towards the door

"See you at lunch" he calls before leaving

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