A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


3. Chapter 2

"You can't be serious," Niall and the boys were more than shocked to hear that they were in Hogwarts.

"Thought Harry potter was just books and fiction and all that rubbish, huh?" Being the Potterhead I am, I felt superior about being right about Hogwarts.

"This has to be a dream." Harry mutter to himself looking around, and then we heard footsteps.

"Boys, let's bail! To the bathroom!" We were in the perfect floor, I smirked to myself and led the way to Myrtle's bathroom. As we go inside, Myrtle was there, sobbing, as usual, and she saw us,

"Wo are you? And why aren't you in your robes?" She demands

"Uh.. We.." I stammer and got cut off by someone and the door.

"Who are you?" I hear a girl's voice ask I turn around and see the Emma Watson lookalike. Apparently they look like replicas of the actors who played them, and not how J.K. Describes them in the books.

We're in deep shiz right now.

"Go to your common rooms before Umbridge sees you." She says and walks away.

"She needs to know" I tell the boys and run to Hermione

"Wait!" I run to her and she spins on her heel to face me and she sends me a questioning look.

"I need you to do me-- well us, a favor." I tell her and she raises her eyebrows, looking uneasy and quite unsure. But it didn't taking long for her to nod.

Then I tell her about the port key.

"So you aren't wizards? Not even muggle borns?" She asks and we all shake our heads.

"You all need wands and I'd love to pay for your wands but I don't have any money." She stops, looking sympathetic then her eyes widen in realization, but I think I know someone who can buy you wands!" She says happily "but he has to know about you guys." She tells us and runs to her common room, I think she meant Harry.

"Mimbulus Mimbletonia." I blurt out to the fat lady. And I clap my hand over my mouth, Hermione and the boys look at me in surprise.

"How do you know our password?" Hermione asks

"Uh, I overheard this tall boy say it," I say, referring to Neville.

"Must've been Neville." She mutters to herself. "Wait out here, alright? And if you see a boy with platinum blond hair and slightly green robes, don't talk to him, alright?" She obviously meant Draco, but I LOVE Draco! Since Oliver Wood has graduated I don't have a chance! George must be as old as the boys, and Draco,, oh right, he has Pansy. But she and I can be best friends! If I ever become sorted, if ask to be in Slytherin.

I wonder where the boys'll be sorted in.

We waited for a few minutes, and Draco passes by, catching me off guard, he then looked at me, and I looked back, DANGIT, he did have gray eyes that are to die for. He then walked away, and I shook my head to stop thinking about Draco.

I look at the boys and they all give me teasing faces.

"Shut up!" I stick my tongue out.

Then Hermione and Harry goes out of the portrait, oh yes, the third and fifth movie were the movies I found Harry attractive, he did look quite cute, causing me to blush. I like a lot of fictional people okay?

"Maybe we can tell Dumbledoor, and you six would get sorted." He speaks up.

The boys haven't been talking that much, they were probably still bewildered.

"Alright," I smile at Harry, still blush-y and he smiles back. MY FEELS.



They've talked to Dumbledoor and our sorting will be next week, but for now well just sit in classes, obviously the boys would sit in with Fred and George since the boys are their age. But I'm in Harry's age group, I'll get to be with the golden trioooo!

I hugged the boys goodbye and went to Potions with Harry and Hermione. They introduced me to Ron and I couldn't hold my feels in again, I like eeverryyyoonneee! Parvati and Lavender raced towards me and asked what my name was because they thought I was pretty, d'AAWW. "My name's Lyxia." I smile at them and they asked me if I wanted to have lunch with them.

I was about to say yes but professor Snape went inside.

"Who are you?" He asked bithcy-ly. Well two can play at that game

"Lyxia Deviere." I say confidently

"What are you doing here?" He asks

"Sitting in and answering your foolish questions" I snap and he looked angry

"5 points from---" I cut him off

"I'm not sorted yet." I smirk

"From the house you'll be sorted in." He finishes frustrated.

I earned smirks from the students in the room, I have a feeling he'll be pulling his hair out when he finds out the house he'll be getting points from in his own.

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