A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


2. Chapter 1


Tweeted tons today.

It's 5 30 in the evening and I leave in half an hour.

I got DMs from my best friends asking about my tweets, sadly, I can't answer, they hate boy bands, especially the one I'm about to watch!

Skye:Lyx, where you going? DM back, please! My lil' sis is leaving for MSG tho, EW! *puke*gag*

Max:Are you gonna watch those five gay shits in MSG? HAHAHAJK! Where are you going tho?

Hyka:Heyheyheeeyyy! Max told me how there's a fifty percent chance your watching One Direction tonight, is that true? D;

They all looked pretty horrifying to reply to, except Hyka's.. I decided to reply to her, even tho eps he'd hate me if I did.

Me: uh, yeah, I am gonna watch the boys, DONT HATE ME.

It was sent.. My heart is pounding.

In about 3 minutes she got to reply.

H: OMG! I'm a fan, too! Can't wait to see you there! Xx

Well that escalated quickly, she had tickets, I HAVE SOMEONE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND, HALLELUJAH.


I swear I'm about to hyperventilate. I'm on the front row and I'm just.. Afsudiidnfenicnkcied.

I was minding my own business when someone jumped at me from behind.

"GAH!" I scream

"Calm down, it's just me!" I hear Hyka's high pitched voice, the girl sounded like a boy before puberty, no offense, I love Hyka.

I can't wait till the concert starts!!

Moments later the whole arena was packed with people and the lights started to turn off, I SWEAR I SUDDENLY FELT ADRENALINE AND STARTED SCREAMING.I didn't know I was the type to scream, but I did it anyway, how surprising, I'm a completely new person now.

But sound checks were sound checks and I decided to tweet about this, screw Skye and Max, THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT EVER. And it hasn't even started yet.

I started scrolling through my dashboard and laughing at imagines and one shots and then the first notes of MY FREAKING FAVORITE SONG WAS PLAYING.. THEY'RE STARTING WITH HEART ATTACK! THEY'RE STARTING WITH FUCKING HEART ATTACK!!

The first lyrics sung by Harry felt so real and loud and ... It sounded so real, oh yeah, BECAUSE IT IS, AAAHAAHADDSFRSHDKDH. IM IN THE SAME ROOM AS HIM.. AND THE BOYS.

I'm tryin to be okay

Im tryin to be alright

Zayn's part before Niall's and I felt my already pounding heart pound more and started bating faster than it already was.


I felt so happy, I heard that in person! As I start chanting Niall's name to gain attention, but knowing this wasn't any cliche movie I didn't expect him to look, but I still chanted his name over and over.

The song ended and they were yelling stuff like


And yeah, New York City made some noise alright, they were all red and sweaty already.

Then the piano notes from They Don't Know About Us started echoing through the noisy arena and everyone started screaming louder.

Liam starts singing and walking around and he looks my way, I give him a gentle wave and smile, trying to hold my fangirl in, even though I'm not a Liam's girl I still can't look at him without hyperventilating.

Then Harry stats singing and walks right next to him, looking at me too, I can't believe my luck, he winked at me! I swear I died right there.

Then Zayn sings the chorus but doesn't go next to them, he stays where he is and starts to close his Eyes while singing, obviously feeling the song.

Then it was Niall's solo, he stayed with Zayn but looked my direction, but not directly at me, the girls behind me screamed tho, I felt a pang of jealousy. But I'm not gonna let this ruin my mood, I LOVE THESE BOYS!! It was then Louis' solo

They don't know how special you are

He starts singing. I was still staring at Niall tho. Then he started walking towards my direction, and he was on the freaking EDGE OF THE STAGE. He put his hand out and loads of hands were surrounding me, I put my hand towards Niall, closing my eyes while I did it, I know nothing was gonna happen to me but-- I suddenly feel a tight grip on my hand, opening my eyes I see Niall and his famous blue eyes looking at me, and continues doing so as he sings his solo

They don't know what we do best

Its between me and you our little secret

Girls around me started screaming, which cause Niall and I to smile sheepishly.

But girls behind me were apparently angry because I overheard them saying I was a bitch, DANGIT girls are too MEEAAAAN! ); this caused me to frown, Niall then started walking away, leaving me disappointed because I thought he was gonna defend me. But why would he, those girls behind me are probably tumblr pretty girls with thigh gaps, messy buns and flower crowns.

I started to dance along to the beat of She's Not Afraid.


The concert was over and Hyka and I were waiting for the fuss to mellow before leaving,

"I had a really great time, Skye and Max are not going to let us hear the end of it,though." Hyka says

"I know.." I trail off.. "But I don't regret anything." I say

Hyka's phone rang and she looked at it,

"My dad's outside already, I'm going now, bye!" She says giddily and hugs me before leaving,

I checked the time 10:39 I better leave now, I'm taking a cab to go home. As I make my way a very scary looking security guard was behind me. Where's Paul?

"You've got a VIP pass." He says, oh, I'm such an idiot! I forgot about that! The guard laughs because of my dumbstruck reaction and leads the way. I was now backstage on a couch. Where are the boys? And aren't there other girls with passes? I can't be the only one.

I start whistling and then the door opens, my heart beats faster and my smile grows and then a boy with brown hair goes in.

"Hello!" It was Louis! Such a cutie!

"Hi, Louis" I smile widely

"What's your name?" He asks happily

"My name's Lyxia." I respond

"That's a nice name." He smiles, this boy acts like such a kid! (: he begins eyeing me up and down,looking serious, not sure if he's checking me out, and then he stares at my face and smiles again.

"You're the girl Hazzabear fancies!" He says giddily.

"What?" I'm not sure I heard him right,

"Harry told me there was a pretty girl in a black shirt with thunder on it!" He smiles again, this boy is too cute.

The door opens again and in goes Zayn and Liam.

"Oh,hello." They both say and I wave at them then their eyes go straight to my shirt, it felt like they were looking at my boobs though, and I giggle at the thought,

"What's so funny?" Liam asks and I just shake my head.

"So what's your name?" Zayn asks.

"Lyxia." I say and he and Liam nod,

The door opens again and Harry and Niall go inside. My heart stops. Niall's hair was messed up and he was sweaty and out of breath.

"Harry!" Louis yells and Harry looks at Louis with a poker face, then he looks at me for a few seconds before his eyes widen. The boys laugh at this.

"Hello. What's your name?" He asks slowly.

"Lyxia," I've been saying my name quite a lot tonight,

"I see. Want to take a picture with us?" He asks, he was so casual.

Oh, sure, I hand him my iPod, my baby! And he takes a picture of us six with it, I didn't expect us all to fit, but we did,

"I better be going now. Cabs won't be easy to find at 11 in the evening." I say sheepishly and get my bag.

"You're taking a cab? Why don't you just ride with us, where do you live?" He asks and I tell him where I live.

"You don't have to though!" I say, feeling my cheeks burn at his sudden sweetness.

"But I want to." He says, it was only me and him now, the other boys were talking about their next tour.

Then Harry and I were in another room, I could feel the awkward and tension.

"Nialler likes you." He giggles.

"What?" What The hell?! I should be all giddy and shit but What.the.hell.

"You heard me, you think that's why I'm so casual with you even thought I know you think I fancy you," he raises his eyebrows, smirking, he sounded as if he was a smart-ass.

"Riiighht," I roll my eyes. Then the door opens and the other boys walked in.

"HELLOOOO." I say and they all smile at me, I'm so friendly. (':

I look around the moving tour bus and notice an old boot that seemed to be never touched.

"Hey guys, who's shoe is that?" I ask, pointing at the boot, it reminded me of book four, where there's a port key,

"Let's all hold onto it!" I suggest excitedly

"Calm down, that's probably just Harry's." Liam says

"Not mine, mate." Harry says

"Let's all touch it, then, no harm can be done from touching a boot simultaneously, right?" I smiled, it was Niall who said that. When we all touched the boot everything suddenly felt so unreal, our feet weren't even on the ground anymore!

"Guys I know you probably want to let go, but don't!" I yell. I think I'm dreaming. Then we all fell onto the ground. But it was a cold ground, it felt like marble.

"This place looks familiar." Niall says and the other boys nod in agreement, I stood myself up, dusting myself off and looking around.

"Holy shiz." I mutter.

"Why? What's wrong? Where are we?" Louis asks

"We're in Hogwarts." I smile really widely.


*i deleted this on avisasphodel sawreh.

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