The Other Side Of The Mirror

Sucked up in a mirror in time? Scary!


4. When They Meet

Each child looked at the mirror in awe. It was trimmed in gold. They noticed some unfamiliar writing at the bottom but they were to busy staring at the mirror that they didn't pay attention to it. Then Dylan noticed a red eye. He touched it. It must've been a button or something because as soon as he did that the mirror started to shine, but not all of it. The top half of it glowed while the bottom started to turn black, the darkest shade of black ever. Then the mirror spoke "verus sanguis est tantum in finem horror" Then it stared to rise. It dropped and the face of it turned red. A teenager appeared not just any teen. It was their aunt Amber. Each child knew,for they have seen picture's of her before. Richard screamed. "Aaaammbberrr!" Then he ran from the room. "You are my blood, my blood indeed please come close so I can see." She said in a voice so horse that you would have thought it was a pony. Carly stepped forward. then the room turned black, in fact the whole world turned black, because a hole was being ripped from the universe and they all got sucked in. Together.

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