The Other Side Of The Mirror

Sucked up in a mirror in time? Scary!


2. Sucked Up

             The car ride seemed to go on forever. At some point, the mysterious man pulled over walked to the children's door and opened it. He didn't talk. He just waited. Amber, Phoebe and Jared quickly filed out the car. Fog laced the ground. The man slowly walked into the fog and disappeared. Anxiously, the children took a few steps and stopped. Dozens of black cats were roaming in the fog. They slowly passed the cats trying not to disturb them because they don't know if they were friendly or not. Soon enough they reached a worn out steps. Carter ran up the steps and motioned them to come. " It's safe. Trust me." He said. They reached a door knocked on it. Someone opened it but it was too dark to see who. The light from outside gave them a glimpse of wings. Creepy... The children thought. "Your rooms are upstairs.Turn left at the cat statue and you will see 4 black doors. Each of you pick your room and hurry and unpack. Any noise will result in a punishment Do I make myself clear?" Said the strange man who drove them to this creepy place. "Yes" the children responded in fear. They quickly found their rooms and sat there for about 10 minutes. Then each of them had a sudden urge to explore. I mean like how can you be in a HUGE house and not wander around? They met each other right outside Amber's door. In a rush to not get caught, Carter ran and his syblings followed.

             They soon ran until they found a door that strangely looked as though it had a face. Of course it didn't. Did it? Jared who was really scared thought they should just stop looking at the hideous "face" and should continue their little adventure. He quickly opened the door finding a wall of cat everything. Cat plates, Cat pans, Cat nip and everything you can think of. To the right of the wall of Cat merchandise, was a mirror. A very pretty mirror. It had gold trimming on the side of it and at the bottom was a saying. It said "cat aut non esse a". Neither child knew what that meant then amber, the eldest reached out and touched the glass and into the mirror she went.



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