The Other Side Of The Mirror

Sucked up in a mirror in time? Scary!


3. One Century later.

Phoebe, Claire and Carter were long gone. And we all know what happened to Amber. She became stuck inside the mirror. But what you don't know is that the children had children. Or course when they were grownup. Anyway their children had children until finally 4 generations had passed. The children of the 4th  generation were named Carly, Susan, Dylan, and Richard.  Well they never met their great great great great Aunt Amber, but they knew very well how she disappeared. In fact everyone in the town  of Aerni knew what had happened to poor Amber. 100 years did not change the population of humans. They were still very rare. Unlike their ancestors their parents we well alive.  The children all were very close. They I felt like siblings rather than cousins.  One hot day in Johop, (their July), their mothers decided they needed to pray for their ancestors who they lost years ago.  They drove to the house where the mirror was located. Even though the mirror was very very dangerous it was left untouched. And the door it was behind was left unlocked. And the door to the house itself was opened for only the family. The children never been to this house so they really did not know where everything was or if it was safe to touch or not. Like their ancestors they wanted to explore and search for things that might entertain them. They explored until they found a door that oddly looked as though it had a face. They went inside and found a mirror. 

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