This Isn't love

I'm Kylie Braun, yes, Scooter Brauns daughter. I'm 18 brunette, hazel eyes, skinny, tan and I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world, Chaz along with the most amazing friend, Demi Lavato. My life is perfect until I start to fall for my boyfriends best friend, who happens to be dating my best friend. Turns out he also has strong feeling for me. What happens if they find out? What happens when we accidentally show our feeling in front of them? Should we tell them? Should we date behind their backs? Will we end up 'Happily Ever After'? Read to find out!


2. Back Story

     Okay, just so you understand better I should probably take you back to everybody's back story...

                                                                        Demi Lavato

 Her appearance: 

      She is very beautiful and successful. We were friends before she was a singer, high school besties, then her career took off so she left, of course we still talk but she's always busy with her concerts, fans, interviews (etc.). Her family was always close and happy, but when they flew out to visit her in Los Angeles  their plane crash-landed in the ocean, her mom made it on a life boat but the rest of the plane sunk while her dad was caught up in the crowd of panicked people. It was devastating but that was a while ago. Now she's 18 and when we visit it's like old times, just one thing changed a lot besides her fame. Now she's dating Justin Bieber.


                                                                  Justin Bieber

His Appearance:    

              I'm obviously Justin Bieber! I'm dating Demi Lavato and my best friend is Chaz. My parents are divorced (Pattie & Jeremy) and I have two half siblings, Jazzy and Jaxon. I'm a teen sensation and singer who is very attractive to most girls. Even though I've gotta girlfriend I still really like Kylie Braun, but she's my managers daughter so I don't know if he'd like that. I think she might like me too, so I'm gonna try and get us alone so I can tell her, I just can't have anyone else find out.



His Appearance:    

     My perfect boyfriend! He has nice parents and a little sister. He happens to be 20 and his best friend is Justin Bieber. His life is pretty normal and perfect.


                                                      Me (Kylie Braun)

My Appearance:    

I'm Kylie Braun, Best Friend Demi Lavato, boyfriend Chaz. My dad is always out working with famous singers and my mom left us for some other guy a long time ago, so it's just me, Chaz and occasionally Demi and Justin. We're all good friends but I have a crush on Justin! I know it's bad cause I have a boyfriend and my best friend is dating him but i can't help it. I think I'll have to secretly tell Justin soon, no one but us can know...




Okay I just wanted you to get a little information on the characters before I actually start the story, that wasn't a part of the story it was just getting to know the characters. Thanks to those of you reading!

~Luv you boos!














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