Samira a 19 year old and her best friends move from Seattle to London to start a new life. they start to settle in but get a very good surprise visit from ONE DIRECTION, but do they just visit or stay forever? Samira is overwhelmed by all the drama that's gonna happen. the question is will she leave them or nah?


4. new visitors

 i was walking to the door when i heard my name being called from behind, i turned around to see who it was, it was Amina. she was behind the kitchen door holding a knife. "Samira please dont open it. its 11:00 pm and i dont want you to die" she said while whispering. "Mina im happy that you care about me but i want to know who it is because no ones suppose to know this place is still here." and with that i unlocked the door and opened it and to my surprise it was 5 boys that looked scared and lost. "can we come in please?" the black haired one with the gold high lights asked. "umm... why?" "we are lost and cold from standing outside for i think about 6 hours now." the one with the blond hair said but you could tell he's a brunette. "oh in that case sure" and with that said. i made some room so they could all come in. i closed the door after all five of them came in. "do you live here alone?" the one with the curly brown hair asked winking at me. that was nasty i mean he's cute but not that cute, "no actually i live here with my 3 best friends" i said looking at the living room. to my surprise everyones head was popped up and Cameron was standing up fixing his shirt haha that boy. "so.... umm.. ill be heading back to my apartment..... umm... yeah see y'all tomorrow.." said Cameron feeling very stupid that he was more scared then the girls. and with that he hugged me and whispered in my eyer "i'll get you back for embarrassing me" "go ahead and try but you will fail like the rest of the time you tried" i whispered back in his eyer. he started to giggle same with me and he kissed me on the forehead and left. i looked back after Cameron left and the brunette with the stripped shirt looked a little pissed i wonder why. "ok girls you can come out now their just five boy that are very cold and lost". Amina came out the kitchen with the knife still in her hands, "oh my god its really them" she said. i had no clue what she was talking about "omg it is..... what the hell are they doing here"? Asli asked while interrupting my thoughts, "what the hell...... am i dreaming"? shukri asked to herself i think. "haha you girls are very funny" said the one with the same kind of hair as the first boy who talked to me. "omg how did you guys get here? what happen? are you guys in trouble"? Amina asked the boys, ok i have no clue whats going on. "haha no we're fine just got lost when we went for a walk" the blond said "oh ok well im glade you found our house" Asli said. "ok what the hell is going on? who are you boys and how the hell do you know my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed.

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