Samira a 19 year old and her best friends move from Seattle to London to start a new life. they start to settle in but get a very good surprise visit from ONE DIRECTION, but do they just visit or stay forever? Samira is overwhelmed by all the drama that's gonna happen. the question is will she leave them or nah?


1. moving

Samira POV:

I was at the airport waiting for my parents to come and say good bye to their only daughter. after a few hours later my friends Amina,Shukri,and Asli came with their suit cases. we all gave each other hugs and I showed them where to but their bags. we got our tickets and sat at the waiting room for our plain to arrive.

after a few hours the speaker announced that our plain was here and ready for people to abroad it. we all got our bags and were headed for the plain but I couldn't go without saying goodbye to my parents. Amina seen me staring at the entrance door and walked up to me and hugged me," it's okay I know their not mad at u they just need some time to adjust that their only daughter is leaving them"," I know but it would still be nice to say goodbye to them one last time". we started to walk again and tears stared to come down my face. Amina hugged me very tight. we kept walking when I heard my name being called behind me. "Samira" I looked back and saw my parents,tears kept coming down my face but it was tears of joy. I ran to my parents and hugged them very tight. then after 2 minutes of hugging I let them go and started to hug my brother, he was 23 and was happy I was leaving,"sorry babe but we were in traffic" my mom said "I don't care as long as u made it I'm happy". a few minutes past and we all said our goodbyes. "we have to go now so I'll miss u guys" I said and me and my friends went on the plain.

"the next day"

I was sleeping on the plain when Asli woke me up. "what do u want? can't a girl sleep" I asked in a mean way,"look out ur window". I sat up and looked out my window. it was the most amazing place I ever seen.

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