Samira a 19 year old and her best friends move from Seattle to London to start a new life. they start to settle in but get a very good surprise visit from ONE DIRECTION, but do they just visit or stay forever? Samira is overwhelmed by all the drama that's gonna happen. the question is will she leave them or nah?


5. meeting the 5 strangers

     Amina's POV:

   "Samira dont you recognize their faces"? i asked confused because i remembered in the 8th grade we made a group based on them. "no, i dont they just look like 5 scared and confused guys."she said, "Samira it's one direction....... the boy band we were..... uh....... umm..." "WE WERE WHAT? GOD DAMN MINA FINISH UR FUCKIN SENTENCE!!!!!!" she said to me, wow how rude. " we were in love with in the 8th grade you fuckin idiot" " oh hehe.... umm... no the last thing i remember from the 8th grade is graduating and then being in the hospital in the summer..... it was horrible.." at this moment i just wanted to run and hug her since she is my best friend but instead i just let her run upstairs crying and louis running after her, i wonder why.. anyway im such a bad best friend for that. i sigh to myself. "why is she crying"? Liam asked looking very confused. "she had a very bad ascendant after our 8th grade graduation.. well i should say in the summer of that year.." "can you tell us what happen"? Niall asked, damn why does he have to so fuckin cute. "sorry i can't.. she can tell you when she's ready, but anyway come and sit down in the living room by the fire, you guys look very cold." i said leading them to the living room still wondering why louis went up with her.

    Samira POV:

  i ran upstairs crying the thing is that i dont know why. wait yes i do my stupid ascendant, man i hated that day. i ran in my room closed the door and cried on my bed. after 20 seconds of being in my room alone someone knocked on the door. at first i thought it was Amina until the person spoke. 

"umm... can i come in"? it was one of the guys from downstairs, "Y-yeah c-come on i-in" i said trying so hard to stop crying. he rushed to me and hugged me, why though? anyway i didn't know what to do so i hugged him back. "it's ok... shhh... everything will be ok..." he said into my hair trying to make me feel better and what do you know it did. i pulled away from the hug and sat in front of him, he wiped away the tears on my face and smiled at me. "thanks.. umm.." "Louis" he said in his cute british accent. "oh.. yeah.. thanks Louis" "no problem.. but can you tell me why you were crying"? "umm.... well..." i looked at his eyes for the very first time. they were the right colored blue and they shined in the room light. "well.. it was right after graduation, me and my friends downstairs were planning to spend the summer together in my home town and if your wondering it North Dakota." i said looking at him and how interested he seems. "well we couldnt go there because our parents said we had to make money by ourselves so instead we just put the money we had already and took a plain to California with a little money from my aunt. so when we arrived my cousin took us to his house witch was very big and made us unpack witch we did. so after we were done packing we put our swimsuits on and headed toward the beach. when we arrived we immediately went swimming." i started to laugh at the thought of our childish behavior same with louis. "well after 20 minutes of swimming the girls got tired and got out but i was having to much fun to leave. so i went under water and i kept going deeper and deeper and deeper then i realized i had to go back up for air. so i swimming back up for air when i hit my head on a rock and when i say hit my head i mean i hit it really hard so i blacked out. when i woke up i was in a hospital bed with a bandage rapped around my head and not knowing what happen, what was going on, who i was, or even who my best friends and cousin were. so the doctor told me i had lost some of my memory and that i would recover hopefully in a couple or weeks or months." i didnt even realize i was crying until lois grabbed my hand and held it. when he did that i felt something tingle in my back, "anyway it 3 months for me to get my memory back and those three months were a living hell. everyone called me names like "stupid bitch" or "hope the dope" it was horrible.............. and then when i got parts of my memory back i was in a tree house with mina and we were talking when she ascendantly pushed me down and i landed on my arm and broke it and i had to use a cast for 6 months." i finally managed to stop crying and looked at louis. he had tears running down his face. he was about to wipe them off but i did it instead. "th-thank y-you" he managed to say, "don't mention it" i said with a smile.

we sat there in silents for about five minutes till i broke it. "can i ask you something"? "yeah go ahead" "why did you run after me"? "umm......because i had to see if you were ok" "oh, ok so do you wanna go downstair to the others"? i asked in the thought that they might be confused as into why i ran upstairs crying. "uhh yeah we should probably go" and with that he headed downstairs. i all of a sudden feel really tired i think it's because of all the crying.

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