Samira a 19 year old and her best friends move from Seattle to London to start a new life. they start to settle in but get a very good surprise visit from ONE DIRECTION, but do they just visit or stay forever? Samira is overwhelmed by all the drama that's gonna happen. the question is will she leave them or nah?


2. an amazing place

Samira POV:

we finally landed and it was amazing. "man I can't believe we finally arrived at London, it's so damn beautiful" Shukri said. we went inside the airport and it was much cleaner then the one in seattle.

"so Samira how are we going to the house you picked out for us?" asli asked, "yea do we have a ride or do we grab a taxi?" Shukri added "we have a ride guys, he should have been here by now" I said "he huh" they all said smiling "don't get any thoughts he's just my best guy friend. I was looking the airport when I finally spotted him, he was holding a sight saying "the 4 directioner's, that was our band name. I ran up to him and hugged him very tight he started to laugh and hugged me back. " Cameron it's so good to see u again" I said letting go of him and saw that he was smiling. "I can see someone has missed their best friend", his eye brow went up. we both giggled. "you might be her best guy friend but I'm her best friend and I always will be", Amina snapped at him. "well ok sorry Amina, shouldn't we be going to ur new home?" Cameron said "oh yea well it's a surprise so I'll be driving" I said. everyone put their suite cases and luggages in the back of the car then went to the car doors opens it then sat in the seats.

It has been 30 minutes since we landed in London and we were still going to our house witch is one hour away from the city. "are we there yet?" they all kept asking me and I kept telling them no. "so Samira how are you and your boyfriend Anthony doing?" at that moment everything just froze and I thought that I died but then I was awaken by a beeping sound. I realized it was a car honking I was going very slow. "Cameron why would you ask her that did you not here what happen?" Shukri asked "apparently not if I just asked her the question", "it's okay Shukri I didn't tell him yet" " u didn't tell me what?" "Anthony cheated on me with Hodan" ( Hodan is one of my best friends) I said with tears coming down my cheeks. "oh I'm sorry Samira I didn't know" he wiped my tears and hugged me. then everyone was silent the rest of the ride.

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