Samira a 19 year old and her best friends move from Seattle to London to start a new life. they start to settle in but get a very good surprise visit from ONE DIRECTION, but do they just visit or stay forever? Samira is overwhelmed by all the drama that's gonna happen. the question is will she leave them or nah?


3. a new home

Samira's POV:

we finally got to our new home. "where the hell are we?" Amina asked. "oh I forgot that we have to walk threw the woods to get to the house" I said smiling. "your meaning to tell me we live in the woods?!" asli yelled I could tell by the way she said that she was scared. "there's no need to be scared asli I just don't like random people coming to our house if it was open and there's no wild animals in this woods I checked when I came here last summer" I said. we all walk caring and dragging everything we had. we walked for about 3 minutes and we finally came to the most beautifulest house ever. "this place is so beautiful but why is it in the woods"? Cameron asked "I'll tell you guys the story when we get settled in I said.

we all walked in the house and it was like we lived in a house no one could ever build in this time line. I showed all the girls their rooms. Amina's was right next to mine, Asli's was at the end of the hall, and Shukri's was at the other end of the hall. there was one room on the other side of mine and one next to Amina's, and Asli's,and Shukri's and one more room behind the stairs. after we all unpacked I showed them the kitchen and the living room then the movie room then the in door swimming pool witch also included a hot tub and last but not least the gym.

after giving them the tour we all sat in the living room by the fire because for some reason it was cold in the house. Asli sat on the one person couch drinking hot chocolate,Shukri sat on the couch on the other side of Asli drinking coffee, Amina sat on the floor right beside the fire place drinking hot chocolate, and me and Cameron sat on the 3 person couch drinking coffee. "so Samira are you going to tell us the story about this place or what"? Cameron asked "oh yea I forgot, well 5 years ago there was a family that lived here 2 loving parents and 2 adorable children. by the way this place wasn't always surrounded by trees and broken branches if used to be a loving neighborhood. one day the family went out to go eat. when they returned the house was messy. the family got really scared and what they didn't know is that the people that messed up the house where still in the house. one of the men took the 2 parents in the living room and tied them up and the other one took the kids up stairs and laid them on their beds and shot them in the head BANG!!!! BANG!!!. then they shot the 2 parents and left the house. the murder case was never solved. some people say the ghosts of the family is still in this house and haunt anyone who moves to their house." *knock* knock* there was a knock on the door and everyone jumped and hid in the house. I started to laugh and got up and went to the door.

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