I was supposed to die first

I wasn't supposed to be left without him

It's not supposed to be like this

My best friend John Watson is dead

~Sherlock Holmes


6. 6

"Sherlock where are we going?" Mary laughed as Sherlock dragged her behind him.

"On a date"

"A date? Whoa whoa whoa stop." Mary went back on her heels and pulled Sherlock to a halt.

"Yes a date!" He looked at her confused. "Isn't that what people do?"

"Yes but-"

"Good let's go!" He took off again.

Mary kept her mouth shut and raced after him. She was confused yet flattered. She followed Sherlock to a corner restaurant and to a small table near the table. The restaurant wasn't fancy but Mary didn't mind. There was a lit candle in the middle of the table. Mary picked up her menu and scanned it. "Why are we doing this Sherlock?"

"A date." He surveyed his own menu.

"But why?" She laughed.

"A date, that's what two people do when they like each other."

Their eyes met and Mary saw the sincerity on his face. Her late husbands best friend was taking her on a date and confessing his attraction to her. She felt herself blush. They ordered and waited in silence for their food. "You aren't accustom to this are you?" Mary laughed.

"Nope" Sherlock looked at the tables around them. "But I've seen it."

"What have you seen?"

"The way people act when they fall victim to human nature." He sighed.

"How do they act?" Mary provoked him with a smile on her face.

"Stupid." Sherlock looked up at her an winked.

"And what about you Mr Holmes how do you act when you fall victim to human nature?" She leaned over the tabled closer to him.

Without a word Sherlock leaned closer to her and pressed his lips gently on hers. Mary was shocked but kissed him back. As Sherlock pulled away he smiled. "Stupid."

Mary's face shone bright red. She hid her smile behind her hand and couldn't help but release a slight giggle. Sherlock watched her go giddy. He found it warming and he wanted to see it more often. He loved it when Mary was happy. Sherlock couldn't help himself from smiling at her while they ate their dinner.

As the moon rose in the sky Sherlock and Mary left hand in hand. "That was sweet." Mary smiled.

"It's just what people do." Sherlock shrugged.

"Well you are not a typical person." Mary wrapped her arm around Sherlocks waist. "And I don't mind that."

Sherlock smiled as he led her to the cemetery, a place he had already been today. "I'd like to speak to John if you don't mind."

"Johns dead Sherlock." Mary shrugged and let go of him. "Please don't remind me of him."

"We can't let him be forgotten" Sherlock knelt by the grave.

"No we can't, but you don't need to talk like he's here Sherlock he's not!"

"Do you believe in heaven?"

"No and neither did you I thought?"

"I don't." He sighed. "Hi John"

"Oh for Christ sake Sherlock! Why ruin a perfect date?"

"I'm sorry buddy," Sherlock ignored Mary and spoke to the headstone. "but I need to take care of her"

"Sherlock!" She shouted trying to get her attention.

Sherlock stood up and brushed the grass off his knees. "Let's go."

"What was that for?" She asked running to catch up to him.

"Just needed an apology quick." He smiled

"You are a sociopath!"

"Nice terminology"

Upon arriving at Baker Street Reign ran to her mother and Anderson ran to Sherlock. Both wrapped their arms around them. "Don't leave me with children."

"Anderson you clearly are overreacting"

"Mummy! Philip is so much fun!"

Anderson gave Sherlock a sunken smile. "I just missed you."

"You sure he's not your boyfriend?" Mary laughed.

"More like a puppy" Sherlock said as he looked down at the grown man with his arms wrapped around his legs. "Down boy"

Anderson stood up and cleared his throat. "Sorry" he smiled and headed for the stairs. "I'm out for the night."



"It's off to bed for you too Reign." Mary picked her up. "Kisses" Reign pucker her lips and kissed her mother.

Reign held her arms out and Sherlock grabbed her. "Are we sleeping over?" She asked excitedly.

"For now." Mary smiled and grabbed her back. "Goodnight Sherlock." She carried her into Sherlocks bedroom.

"Goodnight Reign" he shouted and flopped into his chair.

He stared across from him at the untouched chair. He could imagine John sitting there and he remembered the stag night before Johns wedding and the drunken games they had played. He smiled as he remembered how John had given him himself, how clever. He also recalled the countless cases they had heard while sitting in their chairs, even Mary had been a client for a moment. Sherlock examined the chair for hours, ignoring Marys trip to the bathroom and her shower. He simply watched the chair, as if expecting John to appear, with a smile on his face, ready for a case.

Sherlock longed to go back to the grave and to talk to John. He paused for a moment and thought. What if he didn't have to go to the grave? What if there was a way he could physically talk to John without leaving his flat. He knew that talking to thin air wouldn't suffice, it wouldn't calm his nerves as talking to the burial site had. An idea swiped over his mind and he quickly rushed up the stairs and burst into Anderson's room.

"The fuck!" Anderson jumped and quickly pulled his blanket over his waist.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." Sherlock collected himself and flicked on the light. "Get up"

"Give me a minute." He gasped for air. "You don't just burst in."

"You don't just masturbate without locking a door."

"Shut up Sherlock." Anderson climbed out of the bed and stretched his arms. "What do you want?"



"Come with me" he clarified.

"Oh, give me a second." He grabbed a pair of pants from his drawer and flung on a sweatshirt.

"Let's go"

He followed Sherlock out into the late night darkness. They walked in silence until he could no longer keep in his questions. "Where are we going?"


"Now? Sherlock this is getting out of hand."

"How long does it take for skin and tissue to decompose?"

"About a year why?" Anderson scratched his head as he spoke.

"Deduce." Sherlock continued on. Anderson followed, a mess of confusion as Sherlock turned to him and stopped suddenly. "Stay here" he ordered and ran inside a dimly lit building. He was out within a matter of minutes with two shovels in hand.

"Uh Sherlock?"

"Go before we get caught."

"Did you just-"

"Come Anderson" Sherlock was well ahead of him. Anderson ran after and caught up as soon as they arrived at Johns grave. Sherlock dug the shovel into the grass and stepped on it to dig in deeper. He pulled a chunk of land out and did it again. "I could use some help" he groaned.

"Sherlock are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Nope." He continued to dig. "Help?"

Anderson rolled his eyes but began to dig with Sherlock. The men dug until they hit the smooth wooden surface of the casket. "Hop out" Sherlock ordered as he pried open the lid.

Johns skeleton lay still covered in slight tissue and clothes in the process of deteriorating. Anderson watched from above as Sherlock crouched for a moment simply staring at his friend. "I'm sorry John." He mumbled then began to torque the skull.

"Sherlock?" Anderson winced. "This is wrong."

"Shut up Anderson." He pulled at the skull harder with no result. With one last pull he detached the skull from the spine. Shelrock gently set the skull beside Anderson and closed the casket. "Fill it up." He said immediately as he climbed out. "Quick before sunrise.

Anderson stepped out of site of the skull, slightly frightened by Sherlocks endeavor. He helped however, filling the hole they had created. The sun began to peak over the top of the grass as they finished the burial. Sherlock shoved the two shovels behind a tree and grabbed Johns skull. As they quickly walked home Sherlock worked at picking off the last remaining tendons and skin from the skull causing Anderson's stomach to churn. "Don't tell anyone" Sherlocks eyes met him dead on as he cradled the skull. "I will simply replace Billy with him, keep Billy upstairs."


"My other skull."

"Why was Billy?" Anderson shouted but collected himself. "I don't want a skull under my bed!"

"Billy was my girlfriend"

"You had a girlfriend?"

"She killed herself."

"Oh," Anderson stared at his feet.

"Her mother gave me full rights to study her dead body, so I took the skull."


"She listened."


They arrived at the flat and Sherlock quickly swapped the skulls and sent Anderson up with Billy. He then proceeded to throw himself onto the couch and get as much sleep as he could before he would be awaken by his goddaughter.

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