I was supposed to die first

I wasn't supposed to be left without him

It's not supposed to be like this

My best friend John Watson is dead

~Sherlock Holmes


5. 5

"It was the cousin."

"The cousin?"

"Of course it was the cousin!"

"That makes no logical sense!"

"Family blood but not name, male, close proximity of age, similar facial structure, explains hight difference and DNA match."

"Anderson that was brilliant!" Sherlock shouted.

"I will never get tired of hearing that." He shrugged.

"This is weird" Lestrade crossed his arms. "This is not right. How the hell do you two become friends when less than a year ago Sherlock hated you?"

"Piss off" Anderson laughed and turned his attention to Sherlock. "Have you eaten yet today?"


"Let's go get something and stop by to see John."

They grabbed take out and walked through the fall air to the cemetery. Orange and red leaves fell around them, each step they took caused a refreshing crunch. They brushed a patch of grass clean and sat beside the marble stone engraved with Johns name.

"You'll never believe Anderson actually solved the cause today." Sherlock took a bite of his sandwich and spoke with a full mouth. "I mean the cousin? Who would've thought that?"

Anderson smiled and ate silently. He didn't want to interrupt Sherlock. Through the past few months they had been coming here once a week to let Sherlock express himself. Anderson found it a bit odd but he allowed it to happen and played along when he was asked too. He had been grateful to Sherlock after all. He had given him a place to stay after he was kicked out, and Sherlock and him had actually got along quite well, to the surprise of everyone.

Sherlock however was constantly on a case, dragging Anderson with him, the only free time he got was at the cemetery, were they would spend hours. Anderson had thought more than once about calling for an intervention, or a test of Sherlocks mind, but watching his smile as he spoke to the wind made him give up the thought.

Anderson watched Sherlock talk about his past week, talk about his cases, his experiments. And although all the words flew over his head, he knew John would be listening. Occasionally Anderson would feel guilty, feeling like he had replaced John. But after these meetings at his grave, he knew that nobody could fill the hole in Sherlocks heart.

"A year since I last saw you" Sherlock muttered. "I miss you John." And with that the air fell silent. Not another word was spoken that visit. They finished their food and made their way back to 221B.


Anderson sat on the couch, he was forbidden from even touching Johns chair. "Hear anything from Mary lately?"

"Nope" Sherlock had been waiting however. Waiting to hear anything about her or his goddaughter. He was still deathly worried about Reign and he had begun to feel attached to Mary as well.

"Sherlock" mrs Hudson's voice rang from downstairs. "The doorbell!"

"Just a case" Anderson shouted down. "Let them in."

Sherlock continued to work on his experiment, ignoring mrs Hudson completely.

"Got a boyfriend?" A girls voice rang from the doorway.

"Uncle Sherlock!" Reign ran up to his practically knocking him off his feet.

"Reign?" Sherlock jumped, shocked to see her. Reign had grown, able to walk on her own. Her blonde hair had grown and now reached the middle of her back. Sherlock picked her up and spun her around. "Mary why are you here?"

Mary was silent for a moment before grabbing Reign form Sherlocks arms and setting her on the floor. "Go play with uncle Sherlocks new boyfriend."

Anderson laughed. "Oh I'm not his-"

"Shut up Anderson."

"I am his-"

"Stop talking!" Sherlock rolled his eyes. "Is something wrong?" He whispered to Mary.

"The tumor." She sighed.

"What about it?" Sherlock was hesitant but wrapped his arm around Mary.

"It's growing," she paused. "it's cancerous."

"Mary, I'm so-"

"Don't speak Sherlock." She wiped tears from her eyes. "Just forgive me for ignoring you the past year."

"Mary, I'd give you a place but with-"

"Your boyfriend." Mary laughed, lightening the mood. "Please Sherlock, we just got evicted last night."

"You two can have my bed I'll take he couch." Sherlock gave her a solemn look. "Do you need anything else? Food? Anything?"

"It's been a year." She sighed as she watched Anderson amuse her daughter with cheesy jokes and magic tricks. "I miss him."

"I know." Sherlock hugged her tight. "I do too." He released his arm and joined Anderson on the floor. "They will be joining us." He whispered.

"Uh, alright but I'm, I'm not really, uh good with uh children" Anderson stuttered.

"Oh you'll do fine." He patted him on he back. "Me and Mary will be back" he grabbed Mary's hand and dragged her out the door, leaving Anderson alone with Reign"

"Sherlock!" He jumped to the window and shouted. "Don't leave me!"

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