The Friendly Slytherin


4. The Feeling Is Mutual

"Alyxon will you just listen to me!" Harry yells, frustrated. He has been trying to tell me something but I kept zoning out.

I just send a death glare his way and zone out again.

I was thinking about what happened a few days ago.

--Flashback, maybe around morning classes---

It was another boring period of Divination. Trelawney was blabbering on and on about the inner eye again.

Unfortunately I can't sit with Gryffiondors this time. I sat next to Daphne and Pansy, Draco and his goons sitting in a table next to us. In the middle of the class, I looked around the classroom, ending up looking at Draco, he too was looking at me. This was just like at Potions, I decided to look back this time. What harm can it do?

He then starts scribbling on a spare bit of parchment and left the room without a word. This boy is borderline crazy.

Crabbe and Goyle look at the paper and started reading it. Not aloud though. But Crabbe whispers to Goyle,

"Does he mean he wants that Deviere girl to meet him in the quidditch pitch?"

"I don't know."

I went outside as well and made my way to the quidditch pitch, I don't know why but I want some answers! Why is Draco so bipolar?

I walk in the common room and make myself look pretty. Hey, this might lead into some nasty business, literally, Pansy might pull my hair out and I want to look decent when I leave the pitch.

I make my way to the quidditch pitch and take a deep breath before going in the gates.

"See you've made it." Draco says from behind me.

"What do you want?" I ask him.

"What do you want?" He asks me. I think he knows what goes in my head,

"Answers." I say shortly. "Draco, why are you so confusing? You kiss me, then leave, act bitter, then leave, and it goes on and on and on." I ramble. "Draco, I'm getting tired." I tell him, looking in his hurt eyes.

"I'm sorry Draco, but what are you trying to tell me?" I ask him, really frustrated.

He was just there. Looking at me and not saying a single word.

"Answer me!" My eyes were almost filled with tears, I don't even know why.

He looked at me for a moment, then paced around, probably thinking. Then left.

"Draco, you can't just leave like that!" I was furious, but not enough to chase after him.

---a week later---

I still don't know what Draco's problem is, I sat by the great hall, and reading my notes, I was going to study Herbology with Neville, word around is he's the prince of herbology,

"Alright how did you do it?!" An angry voice snaps and I look behind me to check who it was. Draco. And he was talking to me,

"What?" What was he talking about?

"You heard me," he snapped. "You put a love potion in one of the things I've eaten, and now I can't get my mind of off you!" He said a little bit too loudly, I felt my cheeks burn.

"I didn't put anything in your food or drink, and I don't know what kind of mead you've inhaled or drunk but you need to figure out what the bloody hell is wrong with you!" I tried yelling, but I still felt warm in my tummy, Really warm. I stood up to leave, I'll be giving an owl to Neville explaining later.

I walked to the common room, locking myself in my room with Pansy, she was sleeping, I had to replay that voice of Draco saying he couldn't get his mind of off me,over and over and over again. I can't possibly like him, besides, it isn't nice to like someone just because that someone fancies you. That's almost taking advantage of one, I think? Does he even care about those kind of things?

Why is he sooo weird?

I've spent days thinking about it. No, thinking about him.

And then I realized, he said he couldn't stop thinking of me, and now that makes two of us. Me thinking of him anyway, it'd be very self absorbed. He can't get his mind of off me, well the feeling is mutual.

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