The Friendly Slytherin


3. Lovey Dovey


Heard of Draco Malfoy? The purist blond who wouldn't look your way twice if you were muggle born, or not in Slytherin. Yeah, him.. Well, I am both but... I act like I'm the exact opposite really, so it just makes him have the opportunity to hate me more than he hates everyone else. And yet. .. He kissed me.

It's been two days since that night and we haven't been talking ever since.

"Alyxon what's going on with you and Draco?" Hermione asks as she sits down next to me in the Gryffindor table. I swear, my heart dropped.

"What are you talking about? Nothing's going on and... He has a girlfriend!" I stammer. And she looks at me in disbelief. Oh yeas, Hermione and I have started talking again, but her and the two boys? I'm afraid they haven't spoken a word to each other yet.

"Look at him." She states simply and I do as she says. Draco's head was on his palm, and his elbow on the table. He was looking at me. I'm pretty sure he's not that much of an idiot to know I was looking at him, but he didn't even blink. I decided to look away before Hermione sees.

"I don't know what his problem is, he's probably under some faulty love potion Pansy made." I truly felt terrible badmouthing Pansy behind her back, but I had to.

"That Parkinson.. You never know what's going on in that mind of hers." George-or Fred says beside me, facing Pansy and playfully glaring at her as he spoke.

"Stop it, she might see you," I scold the twinless ginger as I smack his arm, trying to get him look away from the slytherin table.

"Olly's missed you." The twin next to me says as I look for the other one, as he finished his sentence, I find the other twin and see him looking at me, I smile at him and he just nods. That's weird.

"George, sit down.." Hermione says much like mrs. Weasley.

"I'm Fred." He corrects.

"We'll, Fred, sit down, you'll never know when Snape'll walk by and deduct points from us." Hermione says. She was never the fun friend.

"I'm gonna go now, see you guys later." I say, feeling glum all of a sudden.

"Are you okay?" I hear a different voice ask.. It's probably Oliver, I was in no mood to talk to him, though.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I say and leave the great hall.


I saw her leave the great hall and I followed. I know it might seem weird how I've been constantly thinking about her but I don't even know why. I have a girlfriend I don't even dare think of fancying even before, and now I have an obsession with a blood traitor, Gryffindor like Slytherin. Something is clearly wrong with my head. I don't like her, she's too nice for my liking. I should go back to my table before she sees me,

As I turn my heel, Alyxon speaks up from behind me

"You think I couldn't hear your feet? They were louder than Hermione's parchment whenever she writes lines." She sneers quietly. I had to admit, it made me laugh a little.

"What do you want? Okay, you have no idea how much my head had to go through, I was stupid enough to stop focusing on my potions, because I had to think what I've done wrong to make you grumpy,from nice and actually human, " she starts listing, while pacing around the owlery I had no idea we were in, "to frustrated from grumpy and then you kiss me!" She yells.. I took the opportunity to sneak up behind her and waited for to turn.. "And then you kiss me out of nowhere just like---" I cut her off as she turned by crashing my lips on hers. As she pulled away I tried my best to stop myself from giggling,instead of sniggering after I hear her say

"Just like that." She says as she looks really red and hot in the face.

"Draco, It's not that I don't like you it's..." She trails off.. "You have a girlfriend Draco, this is cheating, Pansy's my best friend, I can't do this to her." She says. She comes closer to me, and holds both of my hands.

"I'm sorry, Draco." She says and kissed my cheek before leaving.

I sat down leaning on a wall and started thinking, I'm such a prat.

---NEXT DAY---

Why did I kiss her again? This cannot be happening.. I am not falling for her. But who says I'm falling for her? I am not, obviously. I'd have to be constantly thinking about her, her face, her smile, her laugh, Her eyes. I'd have to be distracted all the time because I'm too busy thinking about love. I'm not a babbling, love struck git.

"Are you okay, Drakie?" Pansy asks, her hand on my shoulder, her hand was warm, the warm feeling I liked but knowing its her hand, makes me feel and react differently about it.

"I'm fine." I say, not looking at her, I really didn't want to upset Pansy, but she was starting to get on my nerves. The way she whispered in my ear yesterday In the owlery, it sent shivers down my spine.

"We should go and get breakfast, Alyxon's waiting for me." I flinched when she said her name.

"What's wrong?" She asks and I didn't answer "what is it Draco? Did she hurt you?" She asks.

"No,--" I say shortly. "I'm not feeling quite well, okay? Go without me, I'll meet you there." I tell her, and she stares, before leaving.


"Why are you so glum lately?" Oliver asks as he just sat beside me at the table.

"I don't know, I just feel like there's something bad about to happen." I respond truthfully.

"I suppose you're not in the mood to play quidditch,then." Oliver says with a tone of disappointment, and it's not because he likes me, or whatever, because, I'm pretty sure he doesn't, but because I haven't played quidditch with them for a really long time.

"I'm sorry, I have to go to potions," I say standing up, as I was about to leave, he put his hand on mine, my stomach churned in that girly way.

"I hope you feel better though." He says quietly, looking into my eyes.

"Thanks." I nod, but inside I could've kissed him. He smiles at me and I leave. This is terrible, he's practically leading me on without even trying! I sat down in the classroom close to the dungeons.

I was skimming through my notes and potions textbook, just in case Snape'd suddenly ask me a question.

"He won't get points from you, you're a Slytherin." Harry says beside me.

"He thinks I'm in Gryffindor" I say

"That's dimwitted, your cloak is green, and so is your tie." He says. I was shocked, I didn't expect a boy like Harry'd say that.

"He just doesn't like me." I state simply.

"Why are you so bummed about that?" He asks "There are loads more people who like you." He says, his cheeks gaining color.

"Thanks, Harry. But I'm not risking my house points, Pansy'll kill me if I don't try." I say, pinching his cheek playfully.

The last quidditch match Harry's played in was quite unusual, it was like he wanted that Ravenclaw seeker to do all the work for him, it's obvious that he likes her, Seamus told me himself.

"Is it true you fancy that Ravenclaw?" I ask suddenly, cheeks burning from my sudden outburst. He looked surprised as well, wide eyes and all.

"I'm sorry,---" I start but he cuts me off.

"Cho? No, I don't fancy her." He stammers. This boy cannot lie for his life.

"I didn't even say it was Cho, Harry. It's clear that you might find her just a tad bit interesting." I tell him.

"But I don't!" He says.

"Harry, it's just me, I won't tell anyone unless you tell me to, and I promise if I do I'd let you crucio me," I say honestly and Harry's face drained color.

"I wouldn't! Even if you would tell someone!" He says quietly.

"Harry, a promise is a promise," I tell him.

"I know but, the thought of you on the floor, writhing in pain, I'd rather kill myself," he then hugs me.

"Harry, don't!" I giggle. He's over thinking about this.

"Hello you two." I hear two voices say.

"Hello, Fred,George." I say happily.

"Couldn't help but overhear your conversation, before you get the chance to make Harry do the Unbreakable vow with you, it is a hundred percent accurate that he does not fancy Cho Chang, fourth year seeker of Ravenclaw." One of the twins say in a mock posh tone.

"And how am I supposed to believe this rubbish you're speaking of?" I ask smirking.

"Because he told us himself who he fancies." The twin replies smartly.

"I didn't tell you anything." Harry buts in neutrally.

"But it is quite obvious that you fancy the girl, mate." Fred, or George says to him, I had no clue Who the girl was.

"Who-- what are you talking about?" Harry asks quizzically.

"You know!" The twins both say,

"What are you two doing here?" I suddenly ask, they can't have Potions with us, they're two years above mine and Harry's year.

They were both very quiet after i had asked them.

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