The Friendly Slytherin


2. Letters and Packages

During Divination, professor Trelawney told us to drink some tea until we see the leaves underneath, I think that's what she said, I'm only doing what I understood.

I then heard a scream of fright coming from professor Trelawney.

" Dear boy, you have.. The grim.." She says darkly to Harry.

"The grin? What's the grin?" I hear Seamus ask. Poor boy, always catching fire.

"Not the grin, you idiot, the grim." A boy with dark skin says. He then started reading from the book we use for finding out what our tea leaves meant. He said that the grim meant like a death omen.

Harry looked more than scared. I should probably tell him it isn't wise to listen to tea leaf rubbish like this, class was over and I ran towards Harry,

"C'mon, Harry, don't listen to this tea leaf rubbish, since when have Trelawney's predictions come true? I can assure you, McGonagall will say the same thing."

Our next class was transfiguration, and she asked about Divination. I explained to her about the Grim confidently. She then said that Harry should not worry because Trelawney's predictions never come true and that Harry looks perfectly fine and healthy to her.

Harry still wasn't content.

"Harry, I won't let him hurt you." I say sweetly.

"Oh yeah, and how can you do that?" He asks a little bitterly. But I didn't even try to become offended, we both know I can't be a challenge to Sirius Black with a broomstick, since flying was the only thing I'm good at.

"I'm sorry Harry, but you have to try and get your mind off of it." Hermione says from the left. When did she get here? .-.

"When.Did. She. Get. Here?!" Ron was so close to having an anxiety attack.

"Calm down ickle Ronnie!" I say in a mocking tone, very similar to Fred and George's.

Hermione and Ron seem to giggle.. But I don't think Harry's going to smile until its confirmed that Sirius Black is locked up in a high security cell in Azkaban.

We were all in the Great Hall, having lunch and the owls come bursting through the two big doors. I heard lots of paper dropping, and Harry seemed to have a very massive package.

"Harry, d'your muggles give you that?" I ask suspiciously, his muggles wouldn't give him anything ...

"Very unlikely.." He says opening it slowly.

I could feel his excitement, but I noticed Ron's excitement was loads of times more than Harry's.

"It's a--" Ron was about to yell at the top of his lungs.

"Firebolt!" Harry and I say together

"Blimey Harry, wherever did you get it?" Neville asks

"I dunno.." Harry was very puzzled.


"Well, if you're wise enough, you'll know not to use it for quidditch!" Hermione yells.

"Hermione, it's a bloody Firebolt! Of course he'll use it!" Ron argues

"Are you forgetting about how dangerous it could be for---" she leaned in "For Harry?" She whisper yelled, with almost every Gryffindor crowding us they could hear about Harry's death omen.

"We have to give it to McGonagall." Hermione says seriously,


"Can't believe Hermione gave it to McGonagall." Ron mutters. We were on the way to the quidditch pitch, Oliver was already there.

"Well that doesn't mean you ignore her!" I scold Harry and Ron. It's been three days since they've last spoken to Hermione.

"Well you can't just get rid of a broomstick like that now, can you?" Ron replies.

"She could be talking to Crookshanks and ONLY Crookshanks." I say

"Why don't you talk to her then?" Ron says.

"It's not like I don't," I say smartly.

But Ron had a point. I haven't been talking to Hermione as well.

"You guys go on, I forgot something." I say quickly.

"We all know you're just on your way to Hermione." Ron mutters.

"Thanks you two!" I say while hugging them both and running to Gryffindor tower.


"Hermione!!" I was banging continuously on the portrait, who didn't seem to pleased with me.

"If you're that worried for the bright witch, why don't you send an owl and go back to your OWN common room and bang on your OWN portrait?" She made sense, but one last comment to make her quirk.

"It's not as fun in my common room's portrait." I shrug and walk away.

I could see her rub her temples as I make my way to the owlery.

I run to the owlery when I bump into someone.

"Ow.." I moan.

"Watch yourself, " a familiar voice says. I look up to see a ginger with no twin.

"Hey..... Fred?" I greet, but made it sound like a question,

"It's George." He smiles at me.

"Hello, Georgeee!" I smile at him.

"Where're you going?" He asks

"The owlery, letter for Hermione." I explain.

"I can get you in, " he offers

"Oh,no.. I should really just stay in my own common room,anyway." I chuckle.

I wrote the words of the letter I was about to tie on my owl's leg with a special quill my father got me, a quill that didn't need ink, he knows a friend who sold quills like these, there was one that was for dark uses, like, instead of normal ink, the special quill would use your own blood. Mental, isn't it?


I know it must be hard for you to think that your close friends have turned their back on you but...

I crumpled my letter.. I had no idea what to say to her.

"Are you okay?" George asks.

"Just peachy.." I mutter sarcastically.

"She's crossed with you, isn't she?" He asks.

"I dunno, but I have a strong feeling she might be,," I respond, looking down.

"You can talk to me." He says, smiling at me.

We both sat down on the floor as I tell him everything that has happened with the Firebolt. I was going on and on about how I feel really guilty and how selfish I was being because I couldn't even write a simple letter to Hermione. He would nod every once in a while and he'd suggest something as well. It went on until it was lunch.

"I really appreciate what you did." I say looking at his eyes. I've looked in his eyes more than once but for some reason this time I felt a really sick... But not really sick sensation in my tummy. I didn't notice we were having a really long eye contact until I heard my owl squirm and squeal loudly.

"Er.. L-let's go have lunch!" I say happily and skip onto the great hall.

He chuckles and follows me in a normal walking pace, which I didn't like!

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