The Friendly Slytherin


1. Back in Hogwarts

I sit here in my empty comprtment looking at the window preparing for my year in Hogwarts. Every now and then i'd see people looking from outside but still walk away. If only someone would go inside. My thoughts were interrupted when someone knocked on my glass door.

"Hello, do you mind? Everywhere else is full." a red-head boy and a boy with glasses says.

"Oh sure." I nod without looking, i was still shy, not being used to talking with people who aren't my parents.

"Thank you." one of the boys says, i wasn't looking so i didn't know who.

"Ron Weasley." the red haired boy introduces himself.

"Harry Potter." The other boy says.

"Alyxon Deviere." I say and Ron's eyes widen.

"You can't be Ben Deviere's daughter, can you?" he asks

" 'You a fan of the Holyhead Harpies?" I ask

"Yeah!" he exclaims and Harry just looked at him blankly.

We talked about quidditch and their holidays back home

Then Harry bought the whole trolley with sweets for us three, that boy is so sweet! I can tell we'll all be close. Ron was about to turn his garden rat yellow, but then a girl with bushy hair comes in asking if we've seen a toad.

"Are you doing magic? Let's see then." She crosses her arms, yikes, this girl's quite annoying.

"Sunshine yellow, butter mellow.." Ron says then suddenly chants, "TURN THIS STUPID FAT RAT YELLOW"

A spark flew but nothing changed the pathetic garden rat.

"Are you sure that's a real spell?" The girl asks.

"We'll that's not a very good spell, now isn't it?" She continues.

Ron argued about how she was criticizing his spell, and how she should do one herself.

The girl sat in from of Harry, chanted a spell and then the tape that kept Harry's glasses vanished and his glasses looked new.

The girl somehow realized who Harry was and wanted to see his scar. Yes, his story is legend, but I don't see why it's so special, he'd lost his parents, and at scar is just a friendly reminder of it everyday, I don't think it's wise asking if you'd want to see it. Harry's human, just like everyone else, seriously, what is all this fuss about.

The girl has introduced herself as Hermione Granger. She then left after telling Ron he had dirt on his nose.

The girl was so annoying, little did I now she was to be one of my best friends , and only friends now.

It's my third year this year and I'm alone in this compartment once again.

"Hello, Alyxon!" Harry greets with Hermione and Ron beside him

"Harry!" I exclaim, running to hug the three, it was sad how I wasn't in the same house with them. Have I told you? I was sorted in Slytherin.

We all talked about each other's summers. Ron went to Egypt, Harry had his aunt Marge blown up--- by him. And Hermione, she had a nice vacation with her muggle parents.

We all started laughing and goofing off. Then all of a sudden, the train stopped.

" We can't be there yet." Hermione says

Ron said something about someone going on the train, then we saw a gray ghost like thing floating outside the glass door.

"What's happening?!" I ask in panic

"Hush, it might want to go in here." Harry warns.

But by the time he said it, the door was opening, the gray ghost approached me and I suddenly remembered Hendrix. Hendrix, that's a different story, he was my only friend in the muggle world, before Hogwarts I was always bullied, receiving news like transferring changed my life. But it also meant not seeing Hendrix most of the time. I'd be lying if I said I didn't fancy him.

"Take care of yourself, okay?" He says before jumping out of my bedroom window. Then a few seconds later, I heard a loud bang. I think it's what muggles call a 'gunshot'. I was so scared to look. The next day, my parents told me our neighbors found Hendrix dead on the street before sunrise. I never grieved that hard in my life.

I then felt my eyes get heavy, and I find myself falling into deep slumber.

"Is she okay?" I hear someone ask.

"Yes,yes, dearie, she'll be awake any second."

"I wonder why she fainted."

"Oh I dunno, maybe because of that dementor." this made me giggle.

"What's a dementor?" I ask.

"It's that horrid thing that made you faint. Are you alright? Professor Lupin told me to give you this." Harry rambled on before giving me a bar of chocolate. YUM!

I look around to see that i am no longer on the train to Hogwarts.

"Did anyone see me?" I ask shyly. That'd be embarassing.

"Uh, Malfoy saw." Harry said.

"We should head to the Great Hall for the feast now." Hermione says, already heading for the door out of the infirmary.


We were inside the Great Hall, we all said our goodbye's before sitting down on separate tables.

"Who are you?" a pug faced girl with short hair asks.

"Alyxon Deviere." I say,

"Alright. I do not need to tell you who i am." the girl says proudly. Blimey, this girl's got a massive ego.

"Alrightie then." I say and listen to Dumbledore's speech, Dumbledore was like a father--- Er, I mean, Grandfather, to me. I always go to him because I had no friends.

"Wait!" the girls yells, grabbing my shoulder and pulling it to make me face her.

"You don't know who i am?" she asks, outraged.

"No." I say blankly and almost everyone laughs.

"You're funny." I hear a husky voice behind me say, I turn my head to look at the person. Good Lord! It's Draco Malfoy! The one I've been fancying since Hendrix passed.

"You should join us." Evem though I had no clue about what he was talking about, I reluctantly agreed


After the feast, I walked out the door by myself.

"Do you play quidditch like your father?" I hear Ron say, who suddenly appeared beside me.

"Yeah, I'd like to play for my house, but i don't think i'm good enough though."

"We'll find out soon, see you tomorrow." Ron says and leaves.

I go to my common room and see the pug faced girl next to a very angry Draco,

"Piss off, Pansy." So that's what her name is. It's a little awkward though, me standing here, not knowing what to do after hearing Draco's outburst.

I go to the girl's dorm and praised myself for not being noticed--

"You again." The voice that makes me think of gray eyes says,

"Hello Draco, off to bed I reckon? The boy's dorm is that way." I point at the direction behind him, pretending not to be interested in his famous arrogance.

"Well I want to stay here. The view's great." what is he going on about?

"The window's behind you." i say.. Idiot.

"I meant you" Merlin, did he really just?

"Er, I'd like to go to bed now. G'night, I'll see you tomorrow" I say and hurry inside the dorm.

"Hello, Pansy." I say to the girl who was on the bed, still red from Draco's outburst.

"Hello." she says blankly.

"Daphne Greengrass." a blonde haired girl walks up to me and extends her hand.

"Alyxon Deviere." I say and shake her hand.

"Alyxon what would you like to be when you grow up?" Pansy asks as i settled in my bed.

I sighed in frustration, my sleepyness was disturbed.

"Well to be honest, i'm torn between wanting to play for the Holyhead Harpies of becoming an auror." I say while yawning. We talked about who they fancied. I wonder who Blaise is.

After a little while Pansy said she was tired and wanted to sleep. I agreead, silently squealing with joy.


I woke up to see the two girls i have recently befriended, sprawled acroos their beds, still in deep slumber. I gather my things and went to the loo to freshen up.

I didn't bother waiting on my new friends, I haven't gotten to trust them enough yet. I go in the Great Hall and see Harry and his other friends i'm not quite familiar with. Harry looked at me and a grin made it's way up to his face. He motions me to come there and i gave him an uneasy face. He waved it off and motioned me to come again. I sat next to Hermione and a boy who looked rather uncomfortable and awkward,

"So if you're just as frantic as your dad about quidditch, why don't you try out?" Harry asks.

"She's too shy and she thinks she's not good enough." Ron answers, quoting me from last night.

"Oh, I have someone for you to meet!" Harry says, grabbing my wrist, not too tight or rough, but enough to drag me with him.

"Who is it?"I ask

"You'll see." Was all he said.

We've made it to the Quidditch Pitch and I see a boy with chesnut hair flying around with a broomstick.

"Oliver!" Harry yells and the boy turns around and his face was visible.

His face, his eyes, his lips, wow. He made his way down and my heart started beating faster.

He was finally on the ground and he looked at me.

"Hello, Harry.. Who's this?" he says, still looking at me. It made me blush and made my shoes interesting.

"Alyxon Deviere." Harry says.

Then Oliver's eyes widen.

"You can't be..." he trails off

"Ben Deviere's daughter?" I ask.. "But I am" I smile.

"Merlin's beard.." he mutters.. "So Harry, what brings you and Alyxon here?" he asks after a few seconds

"Alyxon thinks she's not good enough for her house's team.." Harry said.

"Well, time for us to find out." Oliver says, kicking a quaffle up, along with a bludger and hands me and Harry broomsticks.


It felt great to play again after a long time.. We were all on the ground, panting and grinning.

"Your house'll be lucky to have a player like you.. So what house are you in?" Oliver asks.


"Ha-ha, very funny, seriously, what house are you sorted in?" he repeats

"Er, Slytherin,"

"You can't be." he says in disbelief

"Ha, but I am." I smile.

For some reason, I can't take my eyes off Oliver. We all decided it was time to go to class. I looked at my time table and it said I had Divination at this time.

I go inside and silently thanked Merlin for not being noticed.

I sat next to Pansy and Daphne and notice they're looking at an insane lady talking to Harry.

"Complete nutter." Pansy mutters.

"Where've you been?" Daphne asks

"Quidditch Pitch."

I spent the next hour wishing I was playing Quidditch with Oliver and Harry instead of listening to the complete psycho in front of me.

"Exactly what is that, Hagrid?" Ron asks

It's a nice warm day out in the forest, and we have Hagrid as a teacher. There's a nice view of the lake as well. I was interrupted in my train of thought by Draco who spoke up beside me.

" I bet scar head likes all the attention." He sneers, talking about how Harry's riding on a hippogriff

" You're just jealous because you're not brave enough to do the same." I smirk

"Oh please." He mutters as Buckbeak and Harry are back from wherever they were from.

He walks up to Buckbeak a few seconds after Harry came back into the crowd of students.

He started saying things about Buckbeak but I couldn't hear, the only thing I could make out was something about Buckbeak being an ugly brute, then Buckbeak claws Draco by the arm.

Draco is now out of the Hospital Wing,making a fuss over his scratched arm.

"Does it hurt terribly, Draco?" Pansy asks, caressing his wounded arm I barely listened anymore to anything until I heard


"Dufftown? That's not far from here." I hear Hermione say

" it's like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands."

"What's all this fuss about?" I finally ask

"Sirius Black, he's been sighted!"

"Have you heard of the Shrieking Shack?" I heard Oliver ask beside me.

"Yeah, I'd do anything to go there!" I gush

"I'm planning to take a look, from the outside,though, you want to look with me when we go to Hogsmeade?" He asks

"I'd want candy,too." I say

"We'll stop by Honeyduke's, then."

"Brilliant!" I beam and smile widely.

"Deviere." I hear a voice drawl.

"Hello, Draco." I say, feeling quite awkward because Oliver is still here. Draco had a bandage on his arm, the idiot must be making a great fuss over himself at the great hall.

"...a blood traitor." He spat, looking at Oliver.

" he's my friend." I defended,

"Classes are about to start, we should go," Oliver whispers and I nod.

"If you don't mind, Oliver and I are going to class now." I say and march away with Oliver following.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." I apologize

"No worries, now go to your class." He laughs.

I make my way to Divination, wanting to skip, but persuading myself that I need this complete rubbish.

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