It's Time..

What would you do if you witnessed your brother being taken away by strangers at a young age?
Sonia is a young Adult who at the age of 9 saw her brother being taken away from her. She went through her life searching and hunting for him, with the help of Lyle a missing persons agent, and his employees Mason and Adam. Finaly she gave up, but now Lyle has scent of her missing brother again the hunt is on, what will this bring for Sonia?


1. Sonia

Fourth Forward Street, Aceway .


The street, Vacant. Only a small breeze blew rubbish into the middle of the road, an old newspaper with coffee stains and dirty water marks from being blown into puddles, landed on a blue Ford Fiesta. Behind it sat two black BWM 7 series. 

A sense of fear and awkwardness filled the air. With no one walking, driving, smoking, or laying drunk in the street, it seemed as though Fourth Forward Street had been evacuated as a deadly disease spread, killing everyone in its path, just as though they had been lined up for firing.   

A faint sound of footsteps now heard coming out one of the building and with that voices. A female and male voice.

“What they HELL were you thinking Lyle?!”

“I don’t think Sonia, I just do what comes into my head and at that I know it’s right!”

Finally four people stepped out of a doorway. An abandoned building that was attached to an old Afghanistan food store. Three men and one women. Each man wore black trousers but each with different shirts and only two wore jackets. The women 5’5”, wore light blue skinny jeans that looked like they had been In a fight with a washing machine one to many times, Grey combat lace up boots with a worn impression, and a light blue button shirt accompanied with a grey over shoulder handbag which hung down to her mid thigh.

“This is getting far out of hand, now you bring me back into this? I don’t want involved in this shit!”

The man just looked at her. He pulled out his jacket, reaching into one of the inside pockets, but before pulling out what he wanted Sonia took a safe step back for precaution.

“Sonia. Im not here to hurt you..” He proceeded and brought into view a clean white piece of paper folded in half.

“ Lyle. Please. Don’t give me anything. Don’t say anything. Just DON’T!” At that she walked off walking up the path.

“SONIA!” Lyle screamed up to her. Dont walk away from this..”

The other two men looked up to her. She stopped mid way into taking her next step and looked over her shoulder. She gave out a reluctant breath and turned back to them, feeling that if she didn’t they would only proceed to give her grief.

“Thank-you.” Lyle said reaching the paper out to her. “Just don’t look at it now.. Later when your alone.”

Sonia raised an eyebrow of interest. “Ok whatever you say.”

Before she walked away she looked at the other two men who hadn’t said a word the whole time Lyle was there with her.

“You know.” She began. “You really must teach your men how to speak. Because.. These ones.” she pointed to the two. “Haven’t spoken one word. I’m surprised they’ve even blinked.”

“Well Sonia.” One of the men began. “We do speak, and just to let you know you’re very apathetic. Don’t really seem to care much.. Hm?”

“Ohh, he spoke! Amazing. What’s your name, Mr.Im-Gonna-Speak-My-Mind..?”

“And you?” Sonia asked the second speechless man.


“Ok. Mason and Adam…I think it was nice meeting you.” Turning out with a smug look she smiled sarcastically at Lyle, “ Have a nice day Lyle..”

 Sonia walked off waving her hand with the paper in it back to them. .


Lyle, Adam and Mason got into the cars. Mason going with Lyle who was driving, and Adam driving the other BMW on his own behind.

“You know, Lyle, Sonia is going to get herself hurt some day if she doesn’t start listening to us.” said Mason getting comfortable in the front passengers seat.

“Well, what else can I do..? She might as well learn from her mistakes.”

Lyle started the car, rolled down his window and stuck his arm out, and signaled with a wave to Adam that he was ready to go. A breeze had picked up in the moments it had taken for Lyle to get Sonia to take the paper. It blew against Lyle’s arm making his sleeve cold and almost damp like. Adam slammed down the horn and Lyle drove off, stirring away from the blue ford in front and putting his foot down the car roared and bounced as he went through a pot hole that had been filled with rain water. Adam sent a brown paper bag flying up into the air as he followed, it gradually floated back down to earth like a dying butterfly. Slowly falling out of a tree.

Now the street truly was empty.


Sonia was a beautiful girl, she had black straggly hair that had natural beach waves through it, she danced, had a boy friend and many other friends. Her attitude toward other people that tried to help her around a bit wasn’t the best.



19:07 Sofit Back street, Club Inn, Aceway.


Aceway consisted of two pubs come clubs, three takeaways, one Chinese, an Indian and a chip shop, several mini supermarkets including a Turkish shop, an American and a polish. At the heart of the town there was an old run down hotel, not even a 4 star. And a Lidil.

Aceway wasn’t the town for any rich and famous. Sonia wasn’t looking for anything like that. She wanted somewhere out of the way and that’s what she got.

Sonia had managed to walk half a mile up her street, after going to her house to get changed, crossing a few vacant roads plastered in newspapers that had been blown about and stuck to the wet ground from the rain, and up a dark ally way to the Club Inn.

As she approached the door, it opened and out staggered a rather drunk woman with a bottle of Fat Frog in her hand. Although it was filed with a clear liquid probably consisting of Vodka. Wearing a mini skirt she might as well not have bothered wearing, and a pink Florissant boob tube, the women fell against the wall of the building and throw up just as Sonia managed to slip through the door.

Lovely, thought Sonia looking at all the people on the dance floor.

The music hadn’t begun at this point, everyone had got up because they knew at 19:10...the water would fall , the music would blast, and the lights would dance with them.  The, “soak it up” party was the main attraction on a Thursday night.

“wha’ can I get ya, me love?” asked a man behind the bar.

“Nothing, LOVE!” 

The bar man frowned in angry and waked to the end of the bar unimpressed with Sonia’s attitude.

“Now now, Sonia I don’t think that’s any way of treating a bar man do you ?” The voice was soft and loving. Sonia knew perfectly well who this was.

“Jeremy.” She said.

Turning in a flattering way to look him in the face as she smiled, her hair slipped over her shoulder and sat comfortably.

“Thankfully my phone wasn’t dead and I got your text to meet you here..” has he spoke he stroked Sonia’s hair behind her ear.

Jeremy 6”2’ in height, brown messy hair with fair skin and green eyes, had the personality of a child but at the same time was caring, loving and fun.

“ I haven’t talked to you in three days Jeremy, and you haven’t spoke to me in thee days either.. What’s up with that.?”

“Im sorry babe, forgive me I got carried away with my work.”

“Work. Really..?” Sonia snorted taking the glass of whisky that was now beside Jeremy.

Jeremy didn’t reply, he just watched as Sonia took a mouthful of the alcohol and set it gently back on the bar top.

“You know, Jay, I’d love to know what you work as.. Because in a relationship. Girlfriends shoud know things like that.”

Still Jeremy did reply. He looked deep into Sonia’s eyes, almost as f he was in a trance.

“Ok! Your going to make things difficult..?” She said twitching her thumb and forefinger together.

Finally he spoke, “Im sorry Sonia that you feel that way, but have I come all the way here to argue over what I work as?” Raising a flirtatious eyebrow at her.

Sonia took another gulp of whisky. Then took a breath of calmness.

“No.. We’re here to dance, get wet, go wild and probably get utterly drunk!”


Jeremy said taking hold of her hand and pulling her away from the bar to the dance floor. “ Because it was getting a bit awkward there..”

The music had now started, everyone was jumping and laughing. The atmosphere was flowing and energetic. With so many people around it soon got stuffy and warm. The music loud enough to wake neighbors ten doors down.  Then the water fell from the ceiling, everyone soaked through their clothes, the women flipping their hair about made water fly everywhere. The disco lights caught the spray of the water and made small rainbows appear all around the dance floor, almost seeming magical.

Jeremy lead Sonia into the crowd, he disappeared as the people moved around him. The feeling of being unsure of where she was going with the man she loved, excited her, making her smile, putting her in her wild party mode.

Life was made for dancing.

Through out the night Jeremy and Sonia danced, drank, laughed, kissed, got soaked through their skin with water, and with nothing else to do left the music grounds well after mid night.

Sonia was so drunk she couldn’t walk in her 2 inch heels, leaving Jeremy with no choice but to carry her back to his apartment. Feeling like a drunk princess Sonia closed her eyes feeling safe and close to Jeremy. Her world spinning and ears buzzing from the all night blaster, she fell asleep in his arms.

“I love you my drunken girl friend.” Jeremy said positioning his arms in a more comfortable away around Sonia’s slim body. “ Yup, as I thought, you wont hear it because your out like a lazy log.”


Twenty five minutes later Jeremy arrived at his apartment. Kicking the entrance door open he carried Sonia up the three flights of stairs.

The apartments were the same as the whole of Aceway. Grungy. The main hall way that could hold no more than three people had a flight of stairs going five stories up, wasn’t painted, plain grey plaster with the smell of the cold night air and damp. A few of the stairs were cracked and chipped from people walking up and down them for the past twelve years, but them being not covered in anything, like the walls, did not help.

“Sonia, hey wake up.”

Sonia didn’t wake, she just lay in Jeremy’s arms her head flopped back with her hair dangling down almost as if it was trying to reach the floor.

In failed attempts of getting her aroused by speaking Jeremy went a step further. He jolted his arms making her whole body move up. Sonia gave out a small groan and opened her eyes, squinting at the lights above her she looked up into Jeremy’s eyes. Her hair falling all over her face, she looked like a disorientated teenager.

“Wakey wakey, Im afraid I can’t carry you anymore babe.”


Jeremy let her down supporting her while he opened his apartment door.

“Come on you heavy lump into the apartment you go.”  Proceeding to push and shove Sonia into his living room he set her down on the sofa. The heat of the apartment made the smell of Chinese food and air freshener more intense.

“Jeremy...Jay!” Sonia slurred picking herself up from her drunk slump on the sofa. “ Im hungry..”

Jeremy laughed walking over to her and crouching down in front of her.

“Hungry huh? For what..?”

“Far you!” she reached out and pulled the un-reluctant Jeremy to her lips. He kissed back. Grabbing her hips and pulling her to the edge of the sofa. He could smell her perfume, the sweet floral scent filling his nose, and feel the softness of her cheek skin made even softer by her make-up. Moving his hands down her legs and squeezing he lifted her off the sofa and made his way to the bedroom. Sonia, wrapping her legs around him, she made it hard for him not to bump into the hall walls and fall on his back onto the bed…

The soft sound of their lips parting and their hands rubbing each others clothes made sleeping apartment come alive.

Sonia not to drunk to start tearing off his clothes while kissing him at the same time to reveal a toned and strong torso.

“oh, baby you got the full set there..” she said smiling.

“Hm.. And shall we see what Sonia has ..?” 

Sonia laughed throwing back her head and messing up her hair in a flirty passionate way. She loved this man and at the moment it seemed nothing would stop them in the position that they were in tonight.

YES!” she snarled biting her bottom lip. Her eyes narrowed making her seem ready for a fight.

Jeremy did so. Pulling her vest over her head making her hair catch in it, he softly knocked it out and kissed her neck, making her jump.  He slipped his warm large hands down her body feeling the curves of her sides and placed his hands were her skirt unzipped.

“Easy tiger.” she said licking his cheek.

And at that the sound of the zip being drawn down was heard, the skirt flung across the room and Sonia thrown from Jeremy’s tummy onto her back…

“You’ve forgotten one little piece J.” She said moving her eyes from his down.

Jeremy followed, finally placing his eyes on his fasted jeans.

“Ah ..You want to.. Take your time sweetie..”

she aggressively unzipped his fly and ripped the jeans from his waste down to his knee’s.

As Sonia made her way down Jeremy’s toned body, slowly kissing it every now and then, he reached across the bed and switched off the light, turning the whole room into a sheet of darkness.

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