It's Time..

What would you do if you witnessed your brother being taken away by strangers at a young age?
Sonia is a young Adult who at the age of 9 saw her brother being taken away from her. She went through her life searching and hunting for him, with the help of Lyle a missing persons agent, and his employees Mason and Adam. Finaly she gave up, but now Lyle has scent of her missing brother again the hunt is on, what will this bring for Sonia?


3. Confusion in the Mix

Chapter three --- Confusion in the mix


2:29, 72 Sunny Grove Estate,  Aceway.


The taxi pulled up three doors down from the actual house not to make it obvious that the taxi was waiting outside his house, Sonia didn’t know how he would feel about a unknown taxi that he hadn’t ordered pulling up at his house and sitting there.

“Can you just wait here for a few more moments, its just my friends will be coming to meet up here? And I don’t want to stand outside..”

“That’s fine me love.” replied the taxi drive giving her a sweet smile.

Sonia smiled back awkwardly, being nice but at the same time sensing the taxi drivers passion towards her.

A few moments past when a black BMW 7series pulled up beside them.

Sonia waved a friendly hand not making it obvious that she actually didn’t want Mason and Adam there. She thanked the driver and got out, letting the taxi turn and leave the estate.

The Estate was a quaint place with small bungalows all placed along each other, each had its own garden, and some filled with rose bushes others with Euphorbia’s and the common tree to Aceway, Acers.

Getting out of the car Adam noticed Sonia’s nerves.

“Sonia, Calm. Its ok.. if anything goes wrong we’re here. Ok?”

Sonia didn’t reply, she swallowed and nodded in silence.

“Come on, let’s get going, if the car gets its back end taken off, Adam you’re paying for it.”

Adam not being best pleased with the comment Mason passed just threw him the “Shut it or else” look. 

Slowly Sonia made her way up to the door of the house, painted red it stood out from the other plain rosewood ones. The garden was grassed with a border to the top filled with stones and a few roses.

“There’s no car.” she said turning a worried glance at Mason.

“Who’s to say he drives..?”

Sonia edged forward and knocked on the door twice.

A shuffle could be heard inside then a bang. Getting edgy Adam and Mason pulled Sonia back a little for precaution and pulled their jackets back enough to show a gun strapped to their belts. This Sonia wasn’t expecting and gave a small breath of air in to contain herself, looking at Adam and Mason worried she nodded her head and frowned.

Finally the door opened. But to whom it was that answered, Sonia was not expecting..

“MUM!” She screamed stepping behind Mason. “What on god’s name are…” she couldn’t go on, her hands became sweaty and her throat closed up.

Sonia’s mum was surprised and her face blank with nothing coming out from her open mouth.

Sonia turned an angry galance at Adam. “ What is this Adam!?” she demaned.

Adam looked at Mason for support, but got none in return.

“well..we couldn’t not tell her mum about the news of the possible fact we have found her son.” Adam said sternly.

Sonia was horrified.

“you bring ME into this, and now my MUM! Oh my god! You assholes!”  Adam and Mason looked at each other bewildered, while Sonia mum still stood shocked at seeing her daughter at the same place she was.

“ look Sonia,” Mason began, “we called your mum and told her to meet us here, the only bit we didn’t tell her,” turning to face Sonia’s mum, “ was that YOU woud be coming with us.”

There was a pause and awkwardness was starting to build up.

“ Look sweetie,” Sonia's mum spoke, “ why don’t you come in and we can settle this like”

Sonia’s shoulder lowered and she made her way into the hallway of the house followed closely by Mason and Adam.

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