The three wishes

[This is not big story, cause this is my first story without my native language.]

Every need to know- things I tell in story.
Please read this. <3
Anyway the story tells about girl called Zaria and I think that prince and source are important too ;)

Please don't copy I wrote everything by myself !


2. What happens next?

In no-name-country lived a blonde girl called Zaria. She was youngest child in her family. Zaria was not a normal girl, because she was one who didn't want to be Louis' girl (if we compare with other girls). Why someone want not have relationship with prince? Zaria said always: "Everyone know it is so difficult get him married with you or even kiss you, but always can hope this thing come true."

Anyway she still liked him.

One night Zaria was going home from party, where she was with friends. (No it was not a party party, you know what I mean.) She pretty much liked dance. There was some boys who danced with her. Especially one boy stayed in Zaria's mind, most handsome and polite boy. 

Anyway it was almost midnight but this blonde girl wasn't afraid. She knew this city as good as can (she would find a home even though not see anything). 

Zaria walked to place named "wishes source". The wishes source was a place where everyone from everywhere wanted to go. Some people came there from thousands miles away.

Some legend tell one people in hundred years got three wishes from source. Zaria believed too the legend is true, thinking still she's not the chosen. Why? 'Cause almost every person was a princess in this legend. 

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