The three wishes

[This is not big story, cause this is my first story without my native language.]

Every need to know- things I tell in story.
Please read this. <3
Anyway the story tells about girl called Zaria and I think that prince and source are important too ;)

Please don't copy I wrote everything by myself !


1. Start here

Long time ago there, in the Earth, were lot of people. Were old and young people, girls and boys, skinny and fat people. All kind of people.

There were big cities, countries, great queens and kings. And then there was just a little country (whose name no one will know) and a capital of this no-name-country. 

This land had a pretty nice king, everyone liked him a lot. He had very big and warm heart, that is the reason why everyone loved him.

You think every king have a little prince or princess? This king had too, young boy called Louis. He was handsome and polite (yes, princes need to be polite but he was polite different way), girls love him and wanted to be his girl.

And there is no country without the people, so there lived lot of people but still everyone knew each other. 

And now you know enough, so this fairy tale can start...

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