The three wishes

[This is not big story, cause this is my first story without my native language.]

Every need to know- things I tell in story.
Please read this. <3
Anyway the story tells about girl called Zaria and I think that prince and source are important too ;)

Please don't copy I wrote everything by myself !


4. Short

Two of them she used now. First she hoped her family can be happy. It came true. She also wanted to be princess but not rest of her life. She wanted to be princess seven days and seven nights. 

She spent seven lovely days with prince and other royal family. Last day was sadly, Zaria knew that she never meet prince. Good luck maybe in his coronation day. Too later she looked clock, it was almost twelve at midnight. She took shoes and begun run away. She fell down and left her other shoe. 

Anyway she went back to the source at midnight such as the she promised.

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