The three wishes

[This is not big story, cause this is my first story without my native language.]

Every need to know- things I tell in story.
Please read this. <3
Anyway the story tells about girl called Zaria and I think that prince and source are important too ;)

Please don't copy I wrote everything by myself !


5. Last wish

When she moved back normal girl source asked: "You miss something from princess life?". Girl answered negatively, but she lied. She missed prince Louis.

"My last wish is our country come back to good. I hope my family and friend's families get money for life and et cetera", Zaria told her last wish.

One thing was something what she did not notice, some girls and boys followed her.

"Zaria, you broke your promise"

"But I don't took people here...", girl said and turned around.

She sat down and thought what she need do. After few minutes she jumped up and declared: "I want to use my last wish to them, I want unpack the curse!"

"Aha, I knew you find it out", the water statue said, "Anyway, your wish come true"

And few seconds later water statue was gone and Zaria and teenagers left source and went home. 

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