The three wishes

[This is not big story, cause this is my first story without my native language.]

Every need to know- things I tell in story.
Please read this. <3
Anyway the story tells about girl called Zaria and I think that prince and source are important too ;)

Please don't copy I wrote everything by myself !


6. Happy end!

Next day king send message to homes of the lost princess. Every house was going to visit and to ensure that the princess was not there. Last house was Zaria's. King's messengers were welcomed into the her home. Each woman was reconcile this shoe, which the princess was dropped when she leaving. Zaria was sleeping and her mom ran into the room and wakes her up.

"Zaria, you need come down right now!", she almost yelled. 

Her mom and older sister reconciled before but now was Zaria's turn. She put foot in high heel. It fitted perfectly.

"Are you, dear Zaria, the lost princess?", her mom breathed heavily when she asks this.

"I was", girl groaned, and then she told everything from beginning always till the end.

In the castle prince waited impatiently, but amazed when he saw Zaria's coming inside. He asked whether it was bewildered was Zaria presented princess, and Zaria told, once again, for everything.

Eventually, the prince Louis and Zaria married and had a child, and lived their lives happily till the end.

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