Story Of My Life

This is about me. It may not be interesting. But I want people to know who I am. For my fans, my readers, to know who I am.


5. Hobbies, Favorite things, Just Random Things About Me

  I like to sing. I started singing when I was about 4. I wasn't good till a couple years ago and I've progressed so much. I don't know how good I am but a few people have said I'm a phenomenal singer. So my favorite songs to sing are all the One Direction songs, and Heart Attack by Trey Songz. One direction inspired me to start singing, It's been a long journey and, if you watch The Voice, hopefully you'll see me on there soon! :) 

Favorite Band: One Direction (DUH!)

Favorite Song: either Heart Attack, Moments, Better Than Words, or You and I

Favorite Restaurant: Nandos!!!

Favorite Food: Chicken!

Favorite Movie: I don't really Have one

Favorite 1D Band Member: If i HAD to chose, It would be Niall

I listen to 4 different genres of music. I listen to Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, and Rock.

I'm currently in a relationship and honestly, it's not going too well. I love him but we get in arguments a lot. I get mad too easily. He plays around when it's a serious matter. It's really complicated.

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