The ending of his life

It's gone dark mum- his last words. Or was it?


1. the Big Bang

As niall slept in his bed lots of things were going in downstairs. A Big Bang of someone hitting the floor made niall wake up. He crept out of bed and snuck downstairs "mummy?" He whispered looking at his bleeding mother. "Go back to bed" she cried at her 14year old son. "No mum who made you like this?" He asked. A big man walked out the kitchen with a gun in his hand "me" he said. "I-is that a sandwich?" Niall asked him confused. "Can't a man get hungry on the job? He replied. "A job? You call mustering and food thefting a job?" Niall said furious. "Gets money for the family" the man replied. "You call killing people a job. For money for your family! Killing other people for it? Devil man devil man! Mum go back upstairs clean your forehead.." His mother looked t him but couldn't be bothered to fight back. "What? Didn't you want to live?" The man asked. "My mum is more important than my life" niall said with a serious face. "Take your best shot" niall gritted his teeth. "If ya say so" the man said aiming. Niall closed his eyes and waited. The man ran away with niall led on the floor and his mother running down the stairs crying over to him. She got up and shouted at the man "devil man devil man!!!" She said crying hardly on the second shout.

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