The ending of his life

It's gone dark mum- his last words. Or was it?


5. realising the truth

Lottie's POV

I just noticed a patch of mind outside my bedroom window. I wonder what it is? I get up from my bed and go out the back door "MUM I'm in the garden" I shout. I don't hear a reply so I shrug and go to the patch I kneel beside it and lay down next to it. "Okay if this is some dead person led under here. I'm totally a freak. But it's okay.." I turn on my side and see mid rolling off the top I sit up and push myself away with my heels and stand up next to the shed. A hand would stick out the top which would make me jump. Then another hand. They'd grab each side and me still being slightly freaked out would start undigging. A tall boy around my age would sit up gasping for air. I'd be staring at him wide eyed "a-are you a g-ghost?" I'd whisper. He'd look at me clicking his neck and his knuckles. "No I fell unconscious when I was 14. I think I'm 17this hear but hey ho who knows your breathing slows down." He replied. I'd stare at him still. "What's your name?" I asked slightly still shocked. "Niall.. Yours?" He replied and asked. "Lottie" I reply wide eyed.

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